Monday, December 19, 2011

Much activity in the basement

DH has been very busy of late.  He visited the model train shop recently and has Plans.  These Plans involve much plotting of track layouts.

In addition to Plans, there has been significant time put into Making Things With Power Tools and Visits To Building Supply Shops. 

All this activity is watched over with great interest by Mr8 who has a vested interest in The Project.

From the boxes in the basement, DH has been bringing out Treasures Old and New including these models he built back when he was younger.

You may notice that this shop has suffered some damage - the window has fallen in.  DH suggested to Mr8 that it was because the police station is entirely flattened in the box so robbers broke through in the absence of the law.  Mr8 was somewhat sceptical at this explanation.  The cathedral also has been damaged - perhaps by an earthquake?

Come Christmas morning, Mr8 is going to be very happy because Santa is bringing a brand new engine for him which will join 2 others that DH already has.  It's a project for the long term and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop, seeing the bonding between the two males of the family and seeing the stories that come out of it.  I did suggest to DH that I could contribute some of the scenery.  He didn't seem to think much of my suggestions though.  I mean, what model railway shouldn't have a naturist colony as a feature now?


  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Looking good! Wonder if Mr8 would be interested in showing it off to another Mr8 next time we are up!

    Brings back memories of our basement when we were kids. The big kid got most fun out of it back then too I am sure, as he too resurrected boxes of long stored railway paraphernalia from his younger days.

  2. Anonymous9:31 am

    We thought about doing the for our young Mr 11 a few year ago but my vastly incapable building skills, coupled with being very disorganised, and lack of money meant we didn't.

    He gets his train fix by visiting his granddad who has been building and rebuilding, and then revuilding his train set for forty years... :-)

  3. My dad had a set up for my boys when they were younger and it was great to see the bonding that happened there