Monday, December 26, 2011

#blog12daysxmas Boxing day

I really wanted to sleep in this morning!  But no, DH was up with the birds because he's got a project on to paint the windows while my ILs are here - FIL is helping.  He did bring my coffee to me in bed though. :)

Had a pleasant festive lunch with the rellies today.  The children jumped in the pool there - it looked freezing.  They also jumped in the spa too.. hee hee.

My MIL helped me by finishing off a skirt I've had cut out for ages while I prepped food to take to the lunch.

Once we were home again the men got on with more painting jobbies.  They've almost done all the window prep on one side of the house.

Once again I feel like my fridge - waaaaay too full of food.  Hoping tomorrow won't be quite so bad.  Plus I do get some exercise tomorrow since I need to clean out the garden under our bedroom window.  This involves me wrestling with my kaffir lime plant which has thorns on it 5cm long.  Slightly nerve wracking. 


  1. Now I, for once, did not eat too much. Good luck with your gardening