Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#blog12daysxmas In which I paint

We're trying to paint the window frames before going back to work on the 4th.  I'm not much good with heights so doing the windows at the front of the house are a bit much for me.  However, I can cope with the ones along the sides of the house and today I got brave and climbed up the extension ladder to the laundry window! 

Whenever I paint things I manage to get paint all over me, in my hair and today I even managed to get it inside my shirt on my b**bs. Yes really. *facepalm*

If I didn't have to work I'd like to pursue painting ... as in art sort of painting.  Along with fibre arts like felting, I feel an affinity with these media.

J.M. Flagg (LOC) from Flickr Commons

But perhaps not body painting...

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  1. I think that the Christmas holiday period is always a good time to get big household chores done