Thursday, December 29, 2011

#blog12daysxmas In which I am a painter's mate

This isn't something I would want to do full time.  Burnt my arm and finger, and my munted arm kept waking me up with pins and needles all night.  Then the rain started and we had to abandon the job.

What is interesting about this job is discovering what lies underneath the paint.  In some areas the wood looks like matai (same as our floorboards) and other places it's different, quite red looking.  Almost like totara which is curious, though it might be cedar.  There are numbers written on the window frames that the original builders have put there.  Our house was built in the 60s.  The is a reddish primer on the frames too, which is most likely (and disturbingly so) a lead based paint. 

We've also had to remove some rot here and there.  FIL is pretty handy with this and takes great pride in making the right sized wood bit to stick in the cleansed hole.  We've some boards downstairs that came from DH's home he grew up in - pure totara - that FIL has been using for this job.  It seems quite poetic that they are being used again in a house that DH is living in.

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