Sunday, December 25, 2011

#blog12daysxmas Kiwi Christmas

A very pleasant Christmas!

Mr8 was up at 6am and had opened all his presents by 6.10am. Then he came to see if we were awake! He'd told us the night before that he'd only open one present before breakfast..... Hahahahaha! Yeah right.

Miss4 was still snoozing but he soon changed that.

DH had purchased some model train equipment which was inspected with great interest.  The pyjamas I'd got him were heaved aside in preference for the toys!  Miss4 was much more receptive to clothing though.  In fact, once she'd got some more from her Aunty we were treated to a fashion show whereupon all garments were modelled for us.

Miss4 also got a bike.  She's been asking for one for a long time so we've been stringing her along with respect to Santa bringing one on his sleigh, how was he going to get it down the chimney etc etc.  We left it in the garage, and I put a note on the wrapped up bike helmet explaining Santa had to leave it down there.

The festive table was groaning even though I'd been restrained in my catering.  I didn't count on one of the guests bringing 3 boxes of special cakes and treats for zert so we had waaaaaay too much in the sweet department!  :-)

Miss4 persuaded her Aunties to go with her up to the school to practice riding her bike twice over the period of the day. 

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  1. Love listening to Lydia say "That's SO NICE" right at the end hehee :-) Very cool bike that, Maddison would love it too.