Friday, September 05, 2008

Cybercrop Challenge Layouts

Some layouts for the Scrapbook Outlet Cybercrop. First one was Lesley's challenge which was to use 5 or more techniques on a layout. I chose borders, hand cutting (the grungeboard title), inking, stamping, and embossing.

Second one is a challenge to use stitching, stamping, an embellishment with at least 3 layers, beading and stamping. I didn't have beads the right colour so I used some jewel things.

This one was a challenge to use white space, doodling, bling and small photos.

Hmmm... these are all about DS! I should do some more for DD.

Hey - check this out. An email went around work about it. TVNZ are looking for a family (or more)

In the spirit of Colonial House and Pioneer House, Te Pa will transport three families back to 1850s New Zealand, to the period immediately after the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Two Maori families will live in a traditional Maori Pa and one Pakeha family will live nearby as a missionary or working class family might have done in the 1850s.

A reality show with a bit of educational value perhaps? Makes me wonder how I would manage! It would be hard work.


  1. Cool LO's Penny. Glad you have been squeezing some creative time into your fantic & busy schedule :-) Like how you covered up the flowers on the 2nd LO. Great idea :-)

  2. you superwoman you, loved seeing your creative layouts there, love that you scrapped the toast one. Are they still looking for a fmaily....everywhere I go online and on TV I see that ad lol. It would be an interesting opportunity to go back in time and do that.

  3. Cool layouts! Especially good that you've found some scrapping time, it is true that eventually the new work/home routine settles down and you CAN carve out some "me time".

  4. Yay, you did the toast photo as a layout and it looks awesome!

    Did DS do a toast encore for his dad on Father's Day?

    I remember they did a similar programme not so many years ago. It was filmed out of Ferrymead in Christchurch. That family had to build their home and everything. It was very rugged/difficult living.

    Oh, love the digital layouts too. Would like to have a go at them too.