Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garden Hopes

Plum Blossoms

I do love this time of year when the garden stuff is getting going and there is so much hope! (Talk to me again mid-summer when the weeds are getting beyond me and I'll have another opinion!)

We're trying something different this year. I've removed all my herbs and put them in a separate garden so we've got 4 beds to deal with. Beans and potatoes will go in one bed, corn and cucurbits in another and the remaining two will have tomatoes, chillies, salad stuff etc etc. That's my bay tree in the pot. Fejoa and fig tree in the background. I'm hoping the companion planting will work well. I've got a mixture of seeds sprouting in the bed on the bottom left - mesculun salad, carrots, parsnips and radishs, plus some red onions. I'm not that successful with seeds because I tend to neglect them, but I'm hoping these will do ok. The radishes are up.

My herb garden. It looks a little "grave" like but I wanted to surround it so DH can use the weed eater etc without getting my stuff! So I found some old tongue and groove flooring bits under the house and used them, plus some pavers we've had left over from the big garden to do the edge with. So far the herbs have survived the replanting but the lemon grass needs to get some growth in soon if I'm to use any this season.

School seems to going well for DS. You know I never even asked how long I could stay the other day!! Oh well, as one of my friends says, it's sometimes better to apologise than ask permission. The teacher didn't seem at all concerned and as I mentioned, she put me to work drawing and cutting out masks for the kids.

His party on Saturday went well and bad scrapbooking mum that I am, I didn't even get out the camera! But fortunately some of my friends took a few photos so I'll get some off them. I was just too busy fluffing around with cakes and stuff.

My preparations for the party were a little curtailed by the fact DH lost his wallet and discovered the fact on Sat morning. So a big panic, lots of frantic hunting, cancelling of cards, driver's licence and so on. We reported the driver's licence to the police and got a temporary one and I had to go along to pay for it since he had no cash. Fortunately the wallet didn't have any cash in it so it's more the inconvenience than anything. Very frustrating. DH is prone to losing things. He needs a locator beacon on his wallet. Something like this perhaps? Or this?

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  1. wow lots of work in the gardend, like what your doing to it and how inventive you were with the tongue and groove. Eeeks at DH loosing his wallet its such a scary and sinking feeling. It's amazing how much we rely on the contents of it. Aww the birthday sounded like it was fun and great that friends took photos for you so you could be birthday party mum.

  2. Anonymous8:22 pm

    I love spring and all the new growth!

  3. Your garden looks lovely! Wanna come and work on mine?! LOL :-)
    I ADORE plum/cherry/peach blossoms, they just look so beautiful in spring.
    Sounds like the party was a lot of fun, and hooray for friends with cameras!

  4. Your garden is looking good, will be such a nice feeling seeing all those seeds pop up :-) Heeehee at Rod with the weed eater! Very clever of you to make a surround. And I definitely think you should get the first "wallet" locator for him :-) :-D LOL He'll start a new trend!

  5. Your garden looks fabulous, Penny. Thanks for the photos you have just given me an idea for ours too. And I just love blossoms.

    Bet the teacher was rapt to have you there to help out for so long, Penny. A win win situation for everyone.

    The party sounds neat and lol hubby and the locator thingies, hee hee.

    Him losing his wallet will be something for DS to remember this birthday by in years to come. Something to chuckle over to (not funny at the time of course)

  6. Your garden looks great, so much of it too.......

    What a bummer about the wallet, I had mine stolen a couple of years ago, and it's a pain to go through and replace everything, it's the little things like loyalty cards, with stamps etc, that you can't replace that are hardest.

    Good to hear your young man is settled well into school, trust me, he will be fine regarding lunch, he will start eating soon, once the novelty has worn off.

  7. Mmmmm ... the fig trees!

  8. Oh my husband SO needs one of those... Good luck with your beautiful garden!

  9. The garden looks cool! I have no luck with seeds either - although I am trying to germinate some basil at the moment (start small)
    It is so hard running a party AND taking photos - mine are usually few and crappy. Could be why I don't like doing birthday pages :)

  10. Good news about the party and school - bad news about the wallet. And the garden is looking great. One tip - in spring or autumn take your bay treee out of the pot and stick it in the ground. In the pot it won't grow much but if you put it in the ground it will grow in to a really decent sized tree (with even more bay leaves!).(But they do look cute in pots!)

  11. Anonymous9:10 am

    Love your garden plot. Can't wait to see all that's growing.

    Sorry about the lost Wallet.

  12. i'm so jealous of how big your garden is. love it! and seems so funny that we are harvesting everything over here and you are just starting out over there.

  13. ooooh, I love your garden plots!