Wednesday, September 03, 2008


For your edification ;-) I came around the fence corner into the drive and discovered DH waiting for me with the camera! LOL!

I have the Centric Safe seat on the bike because I prefer it to the ones that sit at the rear. My balance isn't the most perfect so this way my centre of gravity is localised. If DD wiggles a bit, I don't notice much. Also, I can see what she is doing.

It's hard to believe but DS has actually gone to sleep on the blue sloped bit at the front. He just lay his head down and dozed off. That is what it's for, but I didn't really think it would be used like that until it happened!

Ignore my butt. I hope to have buns of steel soon.

Pleased to see each other home.

The bus just didn't work. I really wanted it to! After all, they go right by the end of our street down to the bus stop outside my work place. But they didn't arrive at the time tabled time, so I was late for work. Then I waited an hour in the evening with no appearance of said time tabled bus - and gave up. DH came and got me.

So pedal power it is. It takes me 15 minutes to get from home to work. Fortunately for me, I can park my bike in the underground staff parking area so no Trevs can fiddle with it. (Not that it's a cool bike or anything but still, it's MINE).

Fortunately for my colleagues, there is a shower available for me to use in one of the buildings...

Yes it looks as if no one has cleaned it for the last 5 years but I'm trying to sort that out with the facilities manager.

And yes, the temperature is about 2 degree off flippin' freezing but it's very refreshing! *sucks in deep breath!*

One step closer to reducing my carbon footprint.


  1. Ohhh love the pics Penny. Your kids are so cute there giving each other a hug! hehee And you look pretty sharp on that bike! :-) L looks like she's pretty relaxed! Glad R could take some pics for you to scrap :-) heehee

  2. I agree with Rachel Penny you look so good on that bike ( might call you biker chick now) and Miss L does lok pretty happy. You know Public Transport providers have a lot of work to do in that area of schedules etc, if they want to encourage people to reduce thier carbon footprint. Love the photo of big brother and little sister higging so cute.

  3. It's great that you are riding to work, just think of all that exercise! And much cheaper than petrol for the car or bus fares :-)

    So when it's raining, do you still bike??

    P.S. that's a really cute photo of DS and DD having a cuddle!

  4. Trina8:28 am

    Wow, you guys look fantastic. Clever DH and wonderful photos to scrap and remember!

    15 mins really isn't a long time especially if you're waiting an hour for a bus that doesn't come! Go you!

  5. Oh cool photos, Penny!

    Yay, another bikie. Great seats aren't they? Definitely prefer these seats to one at the rear of the bike. Think the wee ones do to.

    Love the photo of bro & sis greeting each other. Adorable!

    We used to go to this thing on a Wednesday morning run by Plunket called 'Babies on Bikes' (on cycleways not the road). Must get back to that now the weather looks on the improve.

  6. Yep, the old vinegar and baking soda are brilliant. We have just started using it in the past year and trying hard not to buy commerical cleaners from the supermarket anymore. Vinegar is awesome for getting rid of smells that nothing else will.

    I AB-SOL-UTE-LY love lavendar. It has so many practical and medicial uses. Love a couple of drops in the final rinse of the washing - Mmmm.

    Fabulous post, Penny! Will check out those links too.

    Have you seen the blog "A Year Without Rubbish" or something like that? The people in ChCh. They publish it in the NZ Herald too. Really interesting and some great ideas there too.

  7. Oh, and baking soda is a great alternative toothpaste. I bet you know all this, eh Penny? I just get excited about this all.

  8. That looks like a very cool way to travel ... and only 15mins to work ... that's do-able!

  9. I love how excited your kids are to see each other, just adorable. And I am glad you shared the bike seat info too, we have been searching for a bike seat and I can't wait to show my husband this one. I wish I had the ambition to ride to work like you do, good job!

  10. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Go, Penny, Go! That's the way to do it! Converting your commute into a half hour's daily exercise routine. I am jealous!

    I would never have believed that a child could fall asleep on that little blue shelf if you hadn't told me it is true! I suppose that kids can fall asleep in any position anytime. Lucky them!

  11. go you! well done on the biking, sorry about the bus :-(.