Monday, September 15, 2008

Visit to Bethells | Menu Plan Monday

Spent Saturday evening out at Te Henga (Bethells Beach) with the whanau. DH lent me his Canon 40D to play with and I turned it on Auto and clicked away. But I am afraid I need more practice! Especially in terms of waiting until it focuses before I click. Never mind, it was fun and with digital it is cheap...
Here are some that actually turned out.

Missy Moo posing on a log.

Climbing up the dune banks. Only the angle I turned the camera doesn't tell you how steep it was! Not long after this she face planted and there was much wailing.

DS playing steam rollers in the background, DD coming to see what Mummy is doing.

This is one that DH took as we were walking back to the car. He takes better pictures than me!

But I am quite pleased about this one. I was trying to capture the waves licking DS's ankles and the light was so nice... I think I needed to use the Sports mode to capture things a bit quicker. Missy Moo was all excited about the "wahdoo" until it came up and got her. Then there was more wailing and clinging to the Mummy leg business.

A busy week ahead. Tomorrow is DS's last day at kindy and Wednesday is his birthday, and first day at school. I went and got his books etc this morning. The school is bringing in a uniform next year so I had a look at that and will have to order some stuff in the next few months.

I'm nervous for him. The school visit we had wasn't a total success. He was okay in the classroom but once they moved to the hall to do Jump Jam he stood there looking at his feet, put his hands over his ears and got quite tearful. So we went on to kindy. I do hope it will be okay on Wednesday! I'm taking the day off tomorrow and Wednesday so I can spend some time there with him at kindy and at school.

He lost his first tooth last week. At 5!!! But he got his first tooth at 15 weeks so I suppose it is all relative. The Tooth Fairy gave him $1 because that was all she had in her purse. He wasn't concerned at all since money has no real value to him yet.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Chicken Herby Cobbler a la Janine
Tuesday - Devilled bangers in the crockpot, mashed potatoes plus veges
Wednesday - could be steak, could be Thai beef salad depending on how I feel
Thursday - DH away so we're having hot dogs. With sauerkraut. ;-)
Friday - Thai Meat balls, rice and some sort of vege
Saturday - DS's Pizza Party!!
Sunday - um um um not sure, depends on if the ILs are still here or not


  1. I have never been to Bethells beach but I so want too. Thats where my grandmothers family settled. She was a Bethell. So did you enjoy ya chicken cobbler. As for DS, poor wee poppett, it can be scary when you move from the classroom to a hall and you have to dance to music and you have to deal with noise, new moves and loads of other children. Sending you both some good vibes for his big day on Wednesday. Whoo hoot at the tooth fairy coming to visit.

  2. Lovely photos, Penny!
    Happy Birthday to Tim, and I'm sure his first day of school will be just fine. Jump Jam is scary!! Loud and scary. I'm sure once he realises that they don't do that all day long he'll be okay.

    Woohoo for losing a tooth - Ethan lost his first one early (he was 5 and a couple of months) but like Tim he was an early teether too (4 months). I think $1 is pretty good for a tooth when you're 5, LOL :-)

  3. Anonymous9:51 pm

    cool photos!! $1 is what our guys get from the tooth fairy too (sometimes $2)

    Good luck with Wednesday, hope all goes well.

  4. Nice photos ... very nice ... and how nice of your dh to lend you his camera! Happy Birthday week to your ds ... I'm sure the school thing will grow on him. My Jessi has lost two teeth now and she's only 4 and a half ... I really must look to see if I wrote down when they first grew. $1 is what the tooth fairy leaves here too but I think 50cents would have been just as good.

  5. Anonymous11:05 pm

    I LOVE the first and last photos of the kids! They are BEAUTIFUL ... the kids AND the photos. Looks like a fun time.

  6. I love the 1st and last pics of the kids too Penny. Gorgeous :-) Love how L has her little ankles together heehee.
    Oh I do hope T gets on okay at school. Be thinking of you.

    Woo Hoo for the tooth fairy :-)
    And all the best for the pizza party on Sat. Hope it's a sucess.

  7. Aw, Bethels is my favourite West Coast beach hands down. Especially on a windy moody day, really blows the cobwebs out. It's one of the things I miss about not living in Auckland anymore. Though we have our West Coast beaches here too.

    Love the photos, Penny.

    Wow, so DS is going to be a big school boy. Are any of his kindy friends starting at the same time, or at school already? That can be a big help for them to settle.

    Will be thinking of him and praying for a smooth transition.

    OMG, losing a tooth already! That will impress the kids at his new school for sure!

  8. The Tooth Fairy in this house once had to write a letter apologising that she had no money and would return the next night!

    Happy birthday to T and he'll be fine at school