Friday, September 19, 2008

That hat!

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Introducing Ms 20s Flapper in her cloche hat made by my friend SW. (She's got in on inside out though). To top off the effect her dress is a low waisted number but you can't see that!

She has a new word - "sossie" = sausage. Apparently they are the best thing. Last night we had hot dogs and there were wails of "Mi'!!" and "Sossie!" when I put them in the pot to heat up.

The first day of school went ok. I stayed until lunchtime to satisfy myself he knew what to do at playtime and lunchtime but he wasn't clingy at all. The only thing he didn't like was the Jump Jam thing again, but hey, even Mummy struggles with those moves! It's funny but so far as I could see it's all girly music with hip swaying and wavy arms thing. Bring on the BOYs music I say - lets have a bit of balance. The "feminising" of our education system is a pet peeve of mine now I have a son... but I shan't get on my soap box right now.

Anyway, they did some reading and DS now can read 2 words - "I" and "am". Yay!!! And his name of course, but he could do that already. They did some writing and he managed okay with that but I need to find a decent pencil grip for him. He struggles with holding a pencil properly. I've looked in Whitters and WS with no luck.

So what did Mummy do at school? She drew kangaroos for the teacher!! LOL! The teacher claimed she couldn't draw so I offered to do some kangaroo faces for some masks she was wanting to make for an assembly item. The kids painted them and we stuck them on headbands.

At lunchtime DS finally got into the BIG sandpit which he'd been eyeing up for ages. I think that clinched the deal for him - he's been wanting to play in there with the big trucks etc. I'm glad he's got a happy place at school. The classroom is also a place where he feels safe - it has several favourite things of his in it. Mobilo, a book about harvesters and even pictures on the wall of Mantids! The other children in the class seem friendly. He knows a couple of them from kindy and there is another new boy who started a few days before him so he's not the only one finding his feet.

Yesterday my mum stayed with him until morning tea, and today she stayed until just after 9am and he was fine.

Phew! I hope he remembers to eat his lunch today. Yesterday he didn't and I don't know why exactly. So this morning I had a little talk to him about that. I worry about him getting hungry or thinking I didn't provide him with lunch. So eat it boyo!


  1. Isn't see gorgeous in her hat!

    Maybe DS got forgot to eat because there was just so many new and interesting things going on around him?

    As a mum of boys I agree with what you are saying about the education system. Yeah, bring on the boys' music! We are a bit spoilt that we have a headmaster and one other male teacher at our school.

    Sounds like we is settling in well and it is awesome that you and your mum were able to stay with him for that settling in period.

    Great stuff!

  2. Oops, fingers too fast for the brain today. Hope you understand that. :)

  3. Sounds like the first day went well! Have you tried the triple-sided pencils? They are great for little fingers learning how to hold a pencil. I got Ethan's from Paper Plus.

    I haven't noticed any feminising of the education system at Ethan's school, but I guess having a male principal, a male deputy principal and half a dozen male teachers provides a good balance ;-)

  4. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Glad school went well for DS. Don't worry about the lunch thing, the junior teachers make sure all the kids are settled with they lunch.

    Can't say I've noticed any "feminising" of our education system in our school. Maybe having the 2 head masters both male and several male teachers helps.

    Gosh our teachers wouldn't allow us to stay more than 5 mins after the morning bell went, she always said it only makes it harder for the kids in the end.

  5. That's a gorgeous photo of little miss in her hat. Glad school is going well ... I have a boy here who 'forgets' to eat his lunch too, playing is apparently far more important.

  6. Miss L looks so cute in her wee hat. As for DS it's good the school let you stay, like Ruths the few NE classes I have been in encourage the parents to leave not long after the bell goes. Sounds like you had a ball making the masks and its so cool that his first few days have gone well, and you can tell he has adapted by teh fact your mum left not long atfer the bell. The first few weeks can be so overwhelming for the children and the parents. As for jump jam there are a few boy type and non girly dances ( have seen a a few and done a few last year) lol. I think it also depends on who is taking it lol.

  7. Yay for a cool first day. Glad he is settling in well. And I like that he has the sand pit as a happy place - we all need one of those.
    Love little miss in her cool hat.

  8. Gorgeous girl in that hat!

    And I,too, am surprised that the school let you stay so long. Ours is very flexible but encourages you to extract yourself as soon as you can. They are very happy for kids to do half days at first if they get a bit tired but like to boot the parents out ASAP! I am sure he will adapt quickly. At least he has a break with the school holidays next week - a wee taste of school and then a break is quite good.

  9. PS My Mr 8 adores jump jam and comes home and teaches the moves to me (he's better!)

  10. LOL. Ethan loves jump jam! esp. the coconut song :-) Best wishes as you all adjust to formal education.

  11. You will have to watch that girl - she looks like a real character. That hat is great! Sounds like school is going pretty good. Funny - my boy loves Jump Jam! I will be doing the "starting school" thing in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see how it goes.