Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woohoot Wednesday

Well it's Thursday but never mind.

1. The interview went well I think. I believe I answered all the questions coherently! So we shall see. They did interview one other person that I know of. C'est la vie. I'm kind of over stressing about it actually. It was a strange situation being interviewed when I've been here 8 years or so. I think it was good for at least 2 of the interviewers to actually see my CV and have the opportunity to get a better understanding of what I've done. Trying to thicken my skin in case I'm not successful.

2. DS went to the Tip Top ice cream factory yesterday and apparently enjoyed all the machines. But the highlight of his day was when the tow truck came to take Nan's car to the mechanic and he got to press the control button to winch it onto the truck. Oh boy! He spent the evening playing with a complicated Mobilo construction that had a ramp, wheels, winch and a remote control that I had to keep pressing to make the "car" go up the ramp.

3. I've discovered where the shower is at work, so tonight I'm pumping up the bike tires. I am so unimpressed by the bus service this week I'm going back to the bike. At least I can rely on me to get me to work on time. I have no doubt that DD will like being propelled along by Mummy to daycare!

4. Tomorrow is Friday which means the SBO cybercrop, friend Nel coming to play with stamps etc while I crop, and the weekend! Are you coming to the crop? I'm curious to know what is happening with the DT there.

5. My Hero Arts clear stamps and my Stampin' Up stuff arrived. :-) Want. to. play.

QOTD: what do you think angels look like?
Just curious. The Bible doesn't really describe what they look like. Just what the reaction of people to seeing them which is one of awe. So they must be awe inspiring. Anyway, angels... an interesting study.


  1. It sounds like the interview went well. I've been in that position before, having an interview for the company I'd been working at for about 7 years. I didn't get the job (and it retrospect I'm glad - it was a management position and I wouldn't be working from home if I had it), but it was actually a really good experience for me. And like you say, it's good for the bosses to see your CV and listen to you answer the tricky questions - it definitely led to be getting a bit more responsibility in the job I had.

  2. Good attitude on the job front. Go you on the bike. Wow a trip to the ice cream factory very cool place to go visit. Enjoy playing and cropping with the stamps and paper.

  3. Angels ... aren't they dressed in white flowing gowns with halos on their heads? Interesting to think about actually ... might have to do some research. Biking to work ... hope there's not too many hills!

  4. What Hannah said about the job. Plus from an HR perspective, being on the other side of the desk, it is good for your employer too. I think being an internal applicant for a position is harder than being from the outside. Takes a lot more guts to go through the recruitment process, so good on you, Penny. :)

    LOL, re. DS. Always the simple things that fascinate them the most. Lovely.

    Also, good on you for getting on the bike. Lots of other benefits for you apart from being on time, like fitness.

    Perhaps we should do a race together sometime? Taupo next year maybe? ;)

  5. Yay on getting your bike out - woohoo!!
    Love that ds liked the tow truck over the ice cream factory - think that would be a hard choice for my boy. He'd want to do the winch and then go get an ice cream lol

  6. I hope you get it Penny.
    I'm also keen to find out about the SBO DT .... wonder what's happening there?

  7. I'm crossing my fingers for you on the job Penny and good on you for getting back on the bike. I was always very admiring of you riding to work.
    Lol at DS I think we have another "machine" boy here.

  8. Whooohooo on getting the bike out. That sounds like fun. Especially with summer coming up. Just be careful out there ok. I don't think I've done a single bike ride in Auckland without nearly getting hit off!

    Also good luck with the job. When do you find out? Let us know!

    Angels....I believe they come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are big burly men at your side (which you can't see but others can) to scare away potential muggers. Sometimes, they are 'divine' looking and other times they are the person who helps you cross the road when its raining, you have your hands full of shopping and three kids running every which way.