Friday, August 08, 2008

Kid cuteness

Some sayings from DS have me laughing.

To me during the week:
"I have to give you lots of kisses so your dreams come true."

One morning a month or so ago:
"Mummy my p***s is just small. It needs to grow bigger when I'm a bigger boy."
(I assured him it would).

In the bath:
"My p***s is not pointing down!"
(He'd been playing with it, with predictable results. Heh heh)

Frequently I get told in a wistful voice:
"I've never been on a [insert current vehicle obsession e.g. fast train, steam roller etc] before."

Having told him there were fast trains in Europe that he might go on when he's a big boy:
"You can come with me too."
(I'll remind him of that if he does an OE when he's older!)

Today for the first time, Missy Moo waved "ee ya" without any fuss or tears. I was almost miffed! But really, I am happy about it since it means she is settling into the new routine. Hopefully she will sleep a bit longer at day care though. She normally has 2-3 hours at home but at day care she has only done that twice so far. Makes for a very grumpy, clingy girl in the evenings. (And a very guilty, harassed mum).

So it's the end of another week. Looking forward to the weekend. I do hope I'll get some creative time this weekend!! I'm such a contrary creature. I seem to spend a lot of the working week (while sitting on desk waiting for customers) thinking about scrapbooking and sewing. When I'm not working I whinge about not having a job (or more to the point, no salary). I know part time work would be good (it's worked for me before). Hopefully something will come up soon. I do know that the salary I bring in (be it full or part time) takes some pressure off DH which is a Good Thing given his predilection for depression when he is stressed.


  1. ROFL you have got me cracking up again. You so have to remind him of that offer when he goes on his OE.

    I know what you mean about the wanting to be at work, then when at work not wanting to be there. Guess we are wired to want what we don't have, then when we get it we want the other thing, haha.

  2. Ah, your DS is just the cutest! I laughed at those!

    I hope some part-time work opportunity will come up for you - seems it would be the best of both worlds. I'm sure it will come eventually!

  3. I hear you on children crying when e leave them. She is secure in the knowledge that you will come back to her and that is a good lesson for her to learn. And oh the working mother guilts! I think all working mothers have it - I too wish I was a thome while I'm at work, but appreciate the money that comes in.

  4. Cute ... Aaron has just disovered fiddling makes his "p" stand up too! Ahhh the joys of undies!! :-)

    Hee hee I know just how you feel wanting to scrap or sew or play when you are working. Hope you have a lovely weekend and get some playtime in.

  5. Anonymous9:58 am

    That first was was precious. Remember these.

    I'm also hoping a part time position opens up for you soon.

  6. How cute!

    My mantra when I'm stressed about work/kids is "Think of pay day!"

  7. DS is too funny...Reminds me of things Josh says too!

    Glad Penny is adjusting . . . Sounds like you are too? It's taken our family at least a month to adjust - not sure we're even quite there yet.

  8. Cute comments Penny. These need to be in a little mini album.

  9. LOL - boys! Work is a tough one - I recognise your feelings in myself. Crying kids are par for the course (mine used to cling to me leg at times). Not fun but usually they are fine once you are out of sight.

  10. Being torn between work and parenting seems like a natural place for so many of us these days. It's rewarding to be able to bring income to our families but it's also so nice never to have to drop the kids off at daycare. I think you've hit on the perfect solution and I hope a fabulous part time job shows up soon!

  11. Ah boys and their bits rofl.
    Hope you are doing okay matey. Hugs.

  12. so pleased everything is settling into place. LOL at his comments.