Sunday, February 03, 2008


Shell has been working her butt posterior off and has inspired me to get started on our bathroom.

We've repainted our shower and toilet, but the bathroom has been waiting because it requires a delicate balance of timing. We need to remove the vanity/sink and redo the floor all in a sequence. And we need a plumber too. But anyway, the new vanity is waiting in the garage, and the new mirror has already been installed. So we've started on the painting - the ceiling is done.

Here it is looking "distressed" after we sanded it all. DH has replaced the window frame now.

It seems like someone in the past decided red skirting boards and door frames were good for bathrooms. Hmmmm.... no accounting for taste. I do like red. Maybe not for bathrooms.

I've taken up drawing again. DH was surprised at my efforts.
DH: Did you do that?
Me: Yes... whaddaya mean?
DH: You didn't trace it or anything?
Me: No *in wounded tone*
DH: That's really good sweetie.
Me: Ta.


  1. wow there are some very amazing diy scrappers around the blogs as I have discovered. I love red too but a bathroom!! Sounds like you are making great progress. Love that drawing penny.

  2. Good on your for tackling some DIY! Shell is very inspiring, isn't she?

    Love the sketch too. It IS very good!

  3. Heheh red bathroom;p No further comment;p Sounds like you're onto it now another DIY Queen in the making! Great drawing too!

  4. Fantastic Kowhai sketch - I hope you keep up with that - I would love to see more.

  5. Talented artist you are!

    We need a bathroom remodel in a BAD way...Can't wait to see your finished product!

  6. Thanks heaps for the link Penny! So pleased that our D.I.Y. project inspired someone else :) I'm loving red at the moment... but definitely not for my bathroom. As for your drawing... WOW WOW WOW it's absolutely stunning!!!