Monday, February 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - chicken noodle soup to help DH's cold, and steamed corn because it will be no good tomorrow
Tuesday - Thai pork meatballs, rice, stir fry veges
Wednesday - Mexican bean soup with tortillas
Thursday - Almost Butter chicken & vegetable pies from HFG (Feb issue); Valentine cupcakes of some sort, maybe these ones or Nigella's Love Buns.
Friday - going out for tea to a friend's house, might be taking dessert or cool drink but have to consult with Mum.
Saturday - Spicy beef skewers with rice and some sort of salad
Sunday - Roasted tomato & ricotta frittata

Now I'd better get my skates on because I need to do some printing and scrapbooking. I am the guest designer for the NZ Dare blog and I need to CREATE something by Wednesday for Dare 39. Very exciting!

Just slightly under pressure here. *breathes into a paper bag*

LOL! Just kidding.

Sort of.


  1. oh cool, congrats on being the guest designer, can't wait to see what you come up with (no pressure though LOL)

  2. Congrats on being the guest designer! Your comment of breathing into a paper bag those had me in giggles because it reminded of me of the ABC TV series 'The Librarians' that screened last year. It was absolutely hilarious and the title sequence has the head librarian opening the library and sitting down at her desk with her lunch in a paper bag which she then empties out and breathes into before tidily repacking it LOL You can watch the whole series here

  3. have fun with that guest designer spot.....

  4. Ok now breathe :-)
    Yay on the guest dt - youcan do it.
    And all those meals sound yummy.

  5. how cool about being the guest designer! let us know what you come up with. :)

  6. Yum yum!
    Congrats and have heaps of fun with yoiyr guest designing for the NZ dares Penny, I'm sure you'll do something cool!

  7. I love the sound of the roasted tomato and ricotta frittata. Hope your design turns out as desired!

    BTW. I did choose the fish dish.

  8. You will be fine. Look forward to seeing what you come up with :)