Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Having made 3 Valentine cards with photos for the respective aunties (and to use for the NZ Dare 38) I then put them in the envelopes and post them.

Without taking a picture to enter the Dare with.

Think I'm having a senior moment.

I shall now go and seal myself in the bathroom with the paintbrush. Maybe I will accomplish something today!

<----- Yes that is me. I'm the sobbing maiden at the Murder Mystery we held to launch our new online catalogue at MFPOW. We had a lot of fun doing this!


  1. oh that is funny, thats something I would do. Love that photo by the way.

  2. Oh no, that could have been so me!
    I'm sure they'll love them though. And the photo is just fab!

  3. Oh no! How frustrating. Good luck in the bathroom.

  4. Oh oh. What a bummer. Love the pic