Thursday, February 14, 2008

Twitter and Facebook

As though I didn't already waste too much time on the web I've signed up to Twitter and Facebook (in response to some friendly requests from friends).

Anyone else round here on these?


  1. In on Facebook (although not that often anymore ...)

    [Hannah Jacobsen Blair]

  2. I have resisted those sites I feel I spend enough time on here lol as it I had a giggle at your comment on my blog.....that was so funny

  3. I am on facebook - but like Hannah I am not on there that much anymore. I am under Ruth Cahill if you wanna add me tho :-)
    And my very cool bag turned up today - thank you so much.

  4. I've never heard of twitter but I'm on Facebook. However,like Hannah it was a bit of a novelty that didn't last long!

  5. Havent tried out either yet. Feel like I am spending enough time online as it is;p