Thursday, February 21, 2008

Need some help...

Thinking of going back to work.. possibly in the school librarian area. I've been in tertiary libraries for a good 10 years now but I have worked in a school library for a couple of years so the scenario isn't foreign.


I'm out of the loop as to what kids are reading now. Oh sure - I can reel off various authors and titles that every kid enjoys and has enjoyed over the years. But who are the new authors popular right now? (Apart from J.K. Rowling of course).

I'd be interested in hearing about ages 5-15 years I think...

I need to get some books out of the library and start reading.


  1. Ideas from Cait (age 12 going on 20 - she also reads Jodi Piccoult and adult books) - "On the Jellicoe Road" Melina Marcheta; "Dragon Keeper" and other titles by Carole Wilkinson (a lovely Aussie author who emailed Caitlin after she 'interviewed' her for a school project""The Day After Forever" by Erin Skiffington (who is 14); "The Betrayal of Bindy McKenzie", "Finding Cassie Crazy"ans "The Spellbook of Listen Taylor" ; "Feeling Sorry for Celia"all 4 by Jaclyn Moriaty; "Losing it" Sandy McKay; "Lost Property" James Moloney; "Juggling Mandarins" and "Buddy" by VM Jones; The 'My Story' series which are fiction based on historical events mostly in NZ and, she says to tell you, anything by Des Hunt and there are heaps more!

    I am gobsmacked that Cait just dictated these to me and knew all the authors without looking them up. A true reader!

    Her favourites are 'Thieves' by Ella West and 'On the Jellicoe Road' and 'The Day After Forever'

  2. And from Elliot (age 7 nearly 8).
    The Zac Powers Series; the Geronimo Stilton series and the Captain Underpants series (but I'm getting a bit old for that) and any books about war - especially encyclopaedias.

    So do you think you'll have enough reading?

  3. Wow, Mel's kids have done well. I can't offer any further info, sorry, I have one that won't get his nose out of Tintin/Asterix to read a 'book', however, I made him choose one today, and my 7 year old is reading his way through the HP's

  4. Sorry cant help there.
    Wishing you good luck! I know once a true heart desire is given wings it will fly and all will fall into place!

  5. Anonymous8:45 am

    Rhys (nearly 14) reads adult sci fi now but books he has loved (beside HP)... The heritance series (Christopher Paolini) and has loved the Rangers apprentice series (james flannagan..I think)
    he likes the knights and armour type stuff too.
    jen used to like the fairy books but has now moved on to diary of a would be princess (jessica green) and more teen stuff.

  6. Anonymous8:47 am

    oops that was me

  7. Nicholas likes mostly non-fiction books! There is a great series called Graphic Mysteries - by Gary Jeffery - part cartton setout but factual; a real hit with boys. But adventure stories are also a hit with him and at 10 he's only just getting into Harry Potter!
    Anna aged 8 loves Geronimo Stilton, any books about dogs (!!) and adventure stories but I'd have to go investigate titles & authors.

  8. Penny I am doing a NZ childrens lit paper this semester and I can tell I am going to love it. Now I was in whitcoulls last night and grabbed two free little magazines put out by Storylines,called "Reading with Joy" 2007 revised edition Picture books to share with children from birth to eight years old. A great resource. The second one is called "Reading on up" Books to share with children from eight to twelve years old. I can send copies of these to you if you would like? Also try this link for more info....

  9. From my boys: Keys of the Kingdom series (Garth Nix); Eragon series (Christopher Paolini); Alex Rider series (Anthony Horowitz)

  10. I've just grabbed 5 books from Amy's 8) bookshelf that she enjoys:

    Kiwi Bites - A series of books that have bite-sized stories in them. Most of the stories are witty and fun.

    Baby Sitters - a large series of books about a girl and her life etc....

    Rainbow Magic - Various stories about fairies

    Roald Dahl - Matilda

    Enid Blyton - These books are hugely popular again!

  11. my kids (7,6 & almost 5) are enjoying the Captain Underpants books by Beorge Beard & Harold Hutchins. They are also selecting the Paul Jennings books (been around for ages) - you can tell the kind of toilet humour my children have.