Monday, July 02, 2007

What inspires me?

Mel has a meme going - write down 6 random things that you love. Not people, but places, buildings, art works, inspiring places etc.

1. Children's clothes - I think since I've got kids and make layouts for them, I tend to see inspiration in the designs and colours. Related to this point - fabric stores.
2. Interior decorating stores - particularly the fusion stuff that we're seeing these days. It appeals to me.
3. Fruit, veges, plants, flowers, the beach etc - I like looking at what nature puts together and how.
4. Old houses like Highwic, Alberton and Katherine Mansfield's Birthplace. I like to touch the walls and think of the life people lived there. How people played in the gardens, made love in the bedrooms, conceived their children and maybe even died there. How the kitchens once buzzed with activity. Cooks laying out their ingredients for making jam from the fruit they got from the garden.
5. Universities. I feel most comfortable in academia and get a "buzz" from learning. Related to this point - museums, libraries and their collections. I'm the one who can spend ages looking at beetles pinned on to polystyrene! I love the smell of the stacks in the library. I could spend a happy morning pulling out files at a herbarium to look at their contents.
6. The written word - novels, poetry, my Bible, even blogs have a place inspiring me.


  1. oh I enjoyed readig what inspires you Penny. I can relate to a lot of what inspires you.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading what inspires people. Many of yours I share, but I don't always appreciate the way they inspire me, so thanks for reminding me :-)

  3. Great list. I love libraries too - when I was little I wanted to be a librarian.

  4. I love your list, except universities which freak me out. I don't have a degree but have a few law papers from Vic which I did part time. Universities freak me out because of their vastness - I used to have nightmares that I would get lost on the way to lectures. That said I love the architecture of some and can admire them from afar.

    But I do love libraries and can happily get lost in them.

  5. Cool list always such a neat way to gain some insights into others!

  6. Love your list - definately would have some of those on my list and love those historic houses too.

  7. loving all your birthday gifts! only just catching up on some blogs - happy belated birthday!