Monday, July 30, 2007

Wallabies and trout

DH wanted to go and photograph some steam because the theme for his photography club this month is steam. So we spent a night in Rotorua. (AKA Roto in our household). I waved in your direction Karen! :)

Small Boy was intrigued by the thermal activity. "We saw the boiling mud! It was boiling!", he told my parents who joined us. He inspected each pool and hole at Kuirau Park and took a deep sniff each time to "smell the steam".

We visited Paradise Valley Springs on Saturday while DH and my Dad went to Orakei-Korako. The wallaby and the trout were the only creatures he would touch or feed. I suggested we catch a trout for our lunch, but he rightly pointed out, "But Mummy, we need a fish stick!".



  1. oh you waved!! you should have said so *before* so I knew to watch out for you :)
    hope the steam performed well ... sounds like the mud and the animals were successful entertainment :)

  2. LOL - hope the stream was up to expectations - clearly the boy enjoyed himself :)

  3. I love RotoVegas ... so much to do there and such a great place for kids!! Must get down there again with my boys.

    It certainly sounds like your wee man enjoyed himself - which is great!

  4. "A fish stick!" - brilliant - I shall pass that term on to the fishermen in my household!

  5. Sounds like you all had a good time. Love how he enjoys smelling the steam and the 'fishstick' gosh he comes up with so many cute things! Oh and Orakei Korako I went there with my parents a few years ago it was just gorgeous and for them it was so amazing, coming from germany it all looked very 'exotic'.