Monday, July 23, 2007

Letter sounds

Small boy is working on his letters at kindy so we have conversations about it.

DS: What's K for?
Me: ummm... K is for king and for Kelly [his swimming teacher]
DS: What's for garage?
Me: G. G is for garage.
Me: T is for....
DS: Tim! *giggles*
Me: What's Mummy's name?
DS: Penny!
Me: P is for Penny. What's Daddy's name?
DS: Sweetie!
Me: *cracks up*


  1. I like it :)
    reminds me of something similar that happened at our place ... LOL

  2. Oh that's just tooo too cute!!!! I wanna see a page of this, just adorable cuteness alright!

  3. Classic!! I remember my niece always called her dad "honey" and she really truly thought that was his name until she heard somebody else call him Greg! LOL!

    Definitely need to scrap this convo ... ;-)

  4. LOL aren't kids just so innocent and sweet!

  5. LOL - that is so cute. Good thing you have a nice name for Daddy :)

  6. Love that recap Penny, go Tim! I must say I agree with Sharon too :-)

  7. He's definitely observant! :)

  8. that's so cute!
    i have to agree w/ scrapgeek - good thing you call daddy "sweetie" and not jackass. LOL