Saturday, July 21, 2007


Rats! DH has managed to lose all my special brushes in his upgrading of Photoshop. I shall have to go looking for them again.

Got any special ones you recommend? Leave a linky in the comments and I'll collate them and make a section on my side bar for them so I don't lose track of where they are.

Here are some that I like:
Misprinted Type
Deviant Art
Scrapjazz post about brushes

BTW - for some reason I'm having difficulty leaving comments on Wordpress blogs. It might just be my laptop/Firefox... so I am reading and trying to share the love but it's a bit sporadic!!


  1. I can't help you with the brushes, but the comments I can (kinda) I've had lots of problems too, I also use Mozilla, but I'm not sure that it is a problem at our end, 'cause some of my comments go through and others don't. It appears to be at 'their' end, the comments are going through to spam. I've left a message on the SBO forum, but it seems to be ongoing, so those wordpress users are going to have to continually check.

  2. I'm not a big help with brushes. I know how to make them, but I'm not too good at storing other people's ... hope you find all the ones you need :)

  3. oh no, that must have been annoying! Sorry I don't use brushes so I'm no help

  4. eeeeeks not a brush girl here so can't help.

  5. Bummer Penny!
    Here are a few links:
    I'll have to check a bit more to see where my links have disappeared to;p Sorry to hear about your wordpress comment problems, know how you feel, same thing happens on and off to me with blogspot blogs.. and no clue why...

  6. Oh what a pain. Sorry I haven't worked out brushes yet so can't help with links but will check out what you have suggested.