Saturday, June 30, 2007

First date

Today is the anniversary of our (DH & mine) first date. As DD kicked beside me and DS bounced around on our bed this morning I commented that I hadn't foreseen this when I agreed to go out for dinner with him! :-)

His phone call was rather unexpected. I had been working for a while, and had various projects on the go. My last relationship had fizzled (a happy escape) some years before. While I hadn't given up hope of love 'n' marriage, I also had decided to make the most of single life. My sister and I were saving up to go on an OE together. One evening the phone rang and my youngest sister came into my room with a puzzled look on her face, "It's for you" she said, obviously wondering why some guy was calling me. A very nervous DH said,
"Hello, how's it going?"
Me: "ummm... fine" [*thinks* Who is this?]
DH: "It's Rodney here."
Me: "Oh! Hi!" [*thinks* Why are you calling me?]
DH: "I was wondering if you'd like to go out for dinner some time?"
Me: "! When were you thinking of?" [*thinks* I'll give anyone at least one try]
DH: "Ummm... I hadn't decided that yet." [*thinks* Sh**! She said yes!!]
Me: "Okay - well when you've decided let me know" [*thinks* Poor guy!]
DH: "Okay - I call you"
Me: "Okay. . umm"
DH: "See you"
Me: "Bye"

I hung up the phone and turned around to see both my sisters waiting to know what it was about. No privacy in our house! LOL! The day came. My sisters were all agog of course. "Please will you let us pluck your eye brows?" they said.
He took me out to Valentines - not the most romantic venue but we were both kind of nervous so at least there was nothing unexpected about the menu.

So were there stars in our eyes and fireworks in the air? No. I can't say that there was a magical pixie pointing at him saying "He's the one!" What we did have was animated conversation and by the end of the evening we had discovered quite a bit in common. We both felt "comfortable" with each other and decided we'd date again.

Eventually, there was an another entry in my diary.
And my sister went on an OE by herself. ;-)


  1. congrats. great that you have the diary entries for momentos :) the *first date* is not always an occasion for photographs :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I love that you have your diaries from back then. I think I have mine somewhere too, and now I've seen your post I'm thinking "that could make a good layout" ... ;-)

    Isn't it interesting, looking back at the "first date" and thinking how at that time you had NO IDEA what your life would be like a few years down the track. Amazing!

  3. Congratulations! I'm amazed that you still have your diaries from that long aga

  4. Very cool story! I hope he takes you somewhere better than Valentines these days - which would be almost anywhere!! :)

  5. love that story Penny. Funny how things work out and that first phone call was a classic. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you guys! What a cool story, hope your are going to scrap that!

  7. Poor sister! LOL.

    Lovely to record it.

  8. Poor sister! LOL.

    Lovely to record it.

  9. Awww I am ever the romantic and loved reading your first date story! Poor man you made him work hard on that first call *giggles*