Monday, June 11, 2007

It's done

I posted off my resignation letter this morning. Shed a few tears about it. It's a bit of a step into the dark for me but I hope it will work out for the best. DH and I have discussed it ad nauseum and we think it is the best option for now.

There were so many different factors to consider and this seemed the simplest option. MPOW has been very flexible in the past but their situation and management has changed and I don't think they have the ability to do it this time. To be honest, I don't want to go back into the position I was in anyway. Then there is the child care issue and the logistics of two.

Anyone want to hire a librarian to work from home? Have a broad subject knowledge including natural sciences, health and alternate health science, and engineering. Highly web literate. Could do cataloguing at a pinch....



  1. *hugs* it's always hard to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown...but every door closed is the first step to opening another! Just hard when one cant see yet where it's leading too.

    Oh and I love the skirt you made and the decorations look lovely. Had to laugh about the 70ties Mom and daughter thing! We definetely need to see this one scrapped!!!

  2. Good on you for making the decision, I can imagine it must have been tough, but as Ilka says one door closed is another opened! I'm sure something good will come along... (and I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you)

  3. big decision to make, but its not forever. Good on you.

  4. Big step - I remember doing it myself last year. A decision I agonised over but haven't regretted it (except for the money bit that is....)

  5. Yes, definitely a big step but I'm sure it is the right one for you. And the others are right, when one door closes another one opens. I bet you'll find that perfect job that gives you exactly what you need and allows you to have flexibility ... OH SO important when you have kids, I know!

  6. It will work out I'm sure. I did the same thing after # 1 was a year old as I felt I wanted to be there for them not have someone else tell me their milestones, and I never regretted it, although at times it would have seemed easier all round to go back to my job!!
    I'm sure the right thing will eventuate, even if you change your mind down the track.
    BTW, I LOVE your red creations below - now we want to see you 2 modelling them!

  7. Been there - I feel for you. Hardest thing was walking away from my $100k a year job - knowing I'd never go back to anything like that (and having to control my impulse shopping urges).
    Best things have been
    - having time to myself so I could exercise and lose weight
    - a peaceful home, where housework usually gets done and a healthy dinner is ready most nights (not every night!)
    - more energy to give my kids and my DH

    The pluses outweigh the minuses

  8. ouch Penny - big decisions. Your children will appreciate the choice you have made even if the bank doesn't. I have days where I would rather be at a 'paid job' but most of the time it's great & I'm sure the rewards are far greater in the end.

  9. Congratulations and commiserations. As everyone else has said I'm sure it's just an opportunity waiting to happen.
    I will be experiencing the same thing in a few months time as my contract finishes in July. I've been told there will probably be work as long as I need it this year which is great but after that I'm staying home for a while.
    Right now it sounds good but I'm sure there will be moments in the night that I will have those 'what am I doing?' thoughts.
    As for the gorgeous skirt/dress all I will say is at least you're not matching Lydia and Tim. My Mum dressed my five year younger sister and I alike - scarred me for life :-)

  10. Penny, i am taking over our church library and will pick your brain endlessly if you want!