Friday, June 29, 2007


Five Reasons the Best Writers Come from West Auckland
1. Who can argue with the black singlet and black jeans fashion... surely inspirational.
2. Our mayor can moon with the best of the them.
3. The beaches can kill you.
4. It has the only joint library between a local body and an educational institution in NZ.
5. There is always the wine...

Need a book to read? Try some of Rosina Lippi or her other writing name Sara Donati.
This meme comes from here.

Tied to the Tracks
by Rosina Lippi. July 3, 2007. ISBN: 0425215326

"[This] is a hilarious, smart, sexy novel with a heart of gold." -- Susan Wiggs

"[Lippi] turns her buoyant creative talents to the romantic comedy genre with an effervescent tale of a trio of offbeat Yankee filmmakers plunked down deep in the heart of Dixie." -- Booklist

Read an excerpt. (Adobe Reader required)| Watch the book trailer

You can find Tied to the Tracks at Amazon , Barnes & Nobel, Borders, Powells, or at your local independent bookseller.

This meme has been entered in the Tied to the Tracks contest, originating on Rosina Lippi's Storytelling2 weblog. If you'd like to enter the BUCKS & BOOKS meme contest, get the rules here.

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