Tuesday, January 01, 2013

#blog12daysxmas 1 Jan 2013

Wow! What a day 2013 put on for us! Not a cloud in the sky, lovely breeze and warm sun. It makes you glad to be alive. My 365 photo project this year is going to be take a photo of something that makes me happy (http://www.flickr.com/photos/78528924@N00/sets/72157632400301088/with/8332535502/). It's on Flickr and hosted by the awesome Kathryn Greenhill, so if you are keen to join in she is the one to sweet talk. (I doubt there would be a need for too much sweet). You can follow the group on Twitter @Happy365 if you like.

Miss5 got an Ant Colony thingy to make up from her Aunty and of course, it HAD to be made today. I managed to avoid helping because I was washing walls and door frames so Daddy got roped into helping. Setting up was all good but catching ants proved difficult. One doesn't want just any old ant and those little brown bitey ones are definitely not on the invitation list. (In fact, no ant actually is but if there must be ants in this wretched thing it isn't going to be the red ones. In fact, I am of the opinion that this Ant Colony thingy should go and live at Aunty's flat she has just bought. Miss5 is resistant to this notion).

My new ice cream maker was put into action with chocolate mint ice cream churning away in the photo. Yum!

The new ice block maker also works great so I am all set for iced confections now.

Tomorrow I hope to take the family up to the Reptile Park at Ti Point.

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