Monday, December 31, 2012

#blog12daysxmas Dec 31

I have no desire to see the new year in - I hope to be asleep! So just a quick post.

A lovely breezy day so we mowed the lawn which was starting to get complacent and uppity. We soon fixed that attitude.

Laundry was done and soon dried in the breeze. Much folding of same also achieved.

I iced the cake... To answer Rachel's questions, yes it's a silicon "tin" which works quite well. I don't think that icing it completely looks that nice so I just put some around the base to hide the munted bit at the bottom where I trimmed off the raised part so it would sit flat. I also did some blobs on the towers and around the battlements. It looks quite nice with just icing sugar sprinkled over it like snow.

We spent the evening at my mum and dad's place for a kind of Christmas/ birthday/ New Year / farewell to visitors dinner.

My panna cotta worked well. When I turned it out of the mould my sister and I decided it looked like a slug so we turned it into one.

My sekkrit Santa got me an ice cream maker! I have always wanted one! The bowl is in the freezer as we speak :-)

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  1. Thanks for that - saw those cake tins in NZ and was tempted, but wondered how it would release the cake easily. You look like you had no probs though :-)
    I will be seeing the New Year in by default! You should hear the noise from the nearby shopping area! They have a stage set up with a dj and music and above all that noise you can hear those horrible horrible Vuvuzela horns!! Hoping the kids sleep through it all!!
    Happy New Year to you all.