Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#blog12daysxmas Boxing Day

Having been rudely woken in the night by some moron vandalising the letter boxes in the street we're staying on the day dawned grey and drizzly again. Fortunately, FIL's box is a massive sturdy box that requires more than brute force to destroy... 

Following breakfast we had a play fight with SIL (who likes to provoke her bro') which resulted in her being put in the shower with it turned on icy cold as revenge.

Then a visit to town to purchase a camping light for her and perchanced upon a good deal for a camping gazebo that will mean I don't have to cook outside in the rain. Yay!

Starting to get antsy about going home to my proper bed and decent wifi (3G sucks the battery on the iPad and phone) so I can set up my new KoboGlo! The best present from Santa.

Besides, I have finished all my books.

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