Friday, January 04, 2013

#blog12daysxmas 4th Jan

Quietly productive day at work editing videos and keeping to myself. I am irrationally mildly irritated by the fact there are people who want to come and use the library at this time of year.. I mean, why? Well, some do appear to. Some are doing work, others are face booking and you tubing. Nothing else is open on campus including the coffee cart and I keep forgetting to bring my decent coffee in. Maybe that's the reason for my irritation.

My day was brightened by the family coming and having lunch with me after they'd been to MOTAT. (Another reason to be irritated by work.. Missing out on family outings. If I had more leave available I could have been with them. Oh well, I get to have some leave in a weeks time).

We spent the evening at the park with some friends. Miss5 is turning 6 on Monday and some of her mates were in town (the curse of having a January birthday is that most of your friends go on holiday around the party time). So we got takeaways and headed for the park with dessert for everyone. The wind was chilly but the kids didn't care.

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