Thursday, January 03, 2013

#blog12daysxmas 2 Jan 2013

Another lovely sunny summer day! We tootled up to the Reptile Park at Ti Point and enjoyed a quiet morning wandering around looking at various reptiles (as you might expect). My favorites are the geckos of course, but the tortoises were cool too. I could be happy with a tortoise in my garden I think. The tuatara were not very sociable. We saw one looking out his window, and another had his tail out his door but neither wanted to be famous on my blog with their photo.

We headed back after a picnic lunch at Whangateau where the kids and I had a quick swim. The kids loved testing out their new snorkels and masks. Mr9 got the hang of it pretty quick, Miss5 was a little more hesitant but she became more confident towards the end. They just need more opportunity and practice.

We were glad we returned home when we did because the traffic on SH1 was looking pretty horrendous going north, and I imagine would have been bad this evening.

I came home and tidied up and made a few different zerts to tantalize two awesome librarians that came to visit. A lovely evening was spent nattering and consuming zert. I was thrilled to finally meet Fiona (@FiFiYI) IRL. I heart Twitter for making such things possible.

Work tomorrow mores the pity...

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