Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oratia Farmers Market

I was delighted to find that there is a new Farmer's Market started up - in my neighbourhood! Yay and Yay!

My sister and I went last Saturday. My sister is allergic to mornings and by the time we got there it was well started by a good hour and half. Unfortunately most of West Auckland appeared to be there as well so many of the stalls we were interested in had sold out. There were quite a few stalls with blackboards saying "so and so coming soon" too. So my delight was somewhat diluted!

But even so - it's great that the Westies have finally got something going. I hope to patronise it frequently. And earlier.

Find a Farmer's Market near you...

*PS. Thank you for your uplifting remarks. I feel very blessed to have understanding friends.*


  1. laughing at your sister being allergic to mornings. Sounds like it is going to get bigger and better once they get in a few more stalls. Gotta be good to know its so close to home.

  2. Sounds cool - I think there is one opening for the summer around here in November - I must find out more!
    Trina and I are photowalking (hopefully) next Wednesday in Devonport if you want to join us. 10am by the Esplanade :)

  3. Chuckling about the 'allergic to the mornings' description.
    Guess it'll grow into something bigger as the demand for it grows. Having it close by is always so nice with no long traveling times.

  4. My husband is allergic to mornings too while I am the consummate morning person. I love farmers markets!

  5. Anonymous5:35 am

    Fresh fruit and veggies. Nothing like them in the world.

    Hey, you've been tagged.

  6. Anonymous5:49 am

    OK. I'm getting the hang of it now. Let's make this easier...

    The A,B,C's of Me

  7. Hi Penny just saw that you had won this fortnights dare, congratulations! I hope you enjoy the kit that will be coming your way! xx Kate- Paper Pesto.

  8. What fun! Did you get anything? I love farmers' markets, esp when they have more than just food!