Friday, October 26, 2007

Looks like I've been tagged by themommykelly - go check out her photos :)

I shall try not to have food items for all of the letters though it is usually what comes to mind first when I think of words!

A - pile of laundry awaits my attention in the lounge room. *sigh*
B - books. Well what did you expect from a librarian? Come on!
C - Cranium is a board game I like to play but only with people who can answer the questions.
D - my maiden name and my surname begins with it. So convenient that my initials didn't change.
E - elementary my dear Watson. I like reading mystery stories, crime and adventure.
F - Flanders and Swann. Make me laugh. Especially their Gnu song.
G - geckos. I am fond of them and collect them. I have 2 gecko stamps, a ceramic one for my wall, a beautiful ornamental one in it's box waiting for the time when I finally have a china cabinet. I also like dragonflies.
H - have a cup of coffee? Sure! Especially if it's Atomic coffee.
I - ice cream. Sorry. But I had to have it for this letter. Favourite.
J - Jahangir. Am reading a fictionalised story of this emperor right now. Or more particularly his wife. I really want to visit India before I die.
K - "K-K-Katy, beautiful Katy you're the only g-g-g-girl that I adore". My mum used to sing this song.
L - lounge room. Laundry. See A.
M - motherhood is probably the hardest job I ever did but the one I do with the most love.
N - nearly finished!
O - fortuna... from Carmina Burana. I once saw Uwe Grodd conduct this at a graduation festival. The hairs on my arms literally stood on end.
P - First letter of my name. I was going to be called Amanda Gail until my parents saw me when born. Then they decided I didn't look like Amanda and was called Penelope. Most people call me Penny though.
Q - questions, questions, questions... what I get from DS.
R - Rusty. Is sitting here beside me. He is DS's favourite at present.
S - singing. I love to sing and have sung in choirs throughout my life. Should like to do so again one day.
T - Tanekaha, celery pine, Phyllocladus trichomanoides one of the few latin names I remember from my botany days.
U - underwear. I do wear it. I'm sure you're pleased to know that.
V - vacillate. I am a chronic fence sitter. I most often see both sides of an argument.
W - waiting for me. Laundry. In the lounge room. See A.
X - x-craft. What I named my first car, a Mazda hatchback. So called because I could reach all parts from the driver's seat! LOL! All subsequent cars are now named x-craft in memory. DH used to call it the Rustang.
Y - younger sisters. I've got two of them.
Z - zzzz... my kids are sleeping at the moment.

Now I know my A,B,C's
Let me think, yes, I'll tag thee
(if you feel like it of course!)



  1. LOL - I am a fence sitter too - and have two sisters. BTW - congrats on winning the Dare prize draw :)

  2. I liked reading your ABC's.Had to giggle at the U comment.

  3. Cool list, and yep I experienced o fortunate -the Carmina Burana like you with hairs on my arms standing up and tingling.
    Congrats on winning the dare, I've seen the Paperpesto kit, that's an awesome price!

  4. Very cute, Penny. Thanks for going along with the tag. Now go take care of some laundry! Mine is waiting for me in the hallway! Funny how it has a way of lurking!

  5. I learned so much about you, Penelope! *wink* My mom used to sing the "k-k-katy" song to me also. Now I sing it to Kate, but I changed it to just "k-k-kate." I'm sure she'll grow up thinking the song is about her.

    I'll do my meme this weekend. AND I got my PIF gift yesterday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Thank you. I'll post about it this weekend also!