Friday, October 26, 2007

Looks like I've been tagged by themommykelly - go check out her photos :)

I shall try not to have food items for all of the letters though it is usually what comes to mind first when I think of words!

A - pile of laundry awaits my attention in the lounge room. *sigh*
B - books. Well what did you expect from a librarian? Come on!
C - Cranium is a board game I like to play but only with people who can answer the questions.
D - my maiden name and my surname begins with it. So convenient that my initials didn't change.
E - elementary my dear Watson. I like reading mystery stories, crime and adventure.
F - Flanders and Swann. Make me laugh. Especially their Gnu song.
G - geckos. I am fond of them and collect them. I have 2 gecko stamps, a ceramic one for my wall, a beautiful ornamental one in it's box waiting for the time when I finally have a china cabinet. I also like dragonflies.
H - have a cup of coffee? Sure! Especially if it's Atomic coffee.
I - ice cream. Sorry. But I had to have it for this letter. Favourite.
J - Jahangir. Am reading a fictionalised story of this emperor right now. Or more particularly his wife. I really want to visit India before I die.
K - "K-K-Katy, beautiful Katy you're the only g-g-g-girl that I adore". My mum used to sing this song.
L - lounge room. Laundry. See A.
M - motherhood is probably the hardest job I ever did but the one I do with the most love.
N - nearly finished!
O - fortuna... from Carmina Burana. I once saw Uwe Grodd conduct this at a graduation festival. The hairs on my arms literally stood on end.
P - First letter of my name. I was going to be called Amanda Gail until my parents saw me when born. Then they decided I didn't look like Amanda and was called Penelope. Most people call me Penny though.
Q - questions, questions, questions... what I get from DS.
R - Rusty. Is sitting here beside me. He is DS's favourite at present.
S - singing. I love to sing and have sung in choirs throughout my life. Should like to do so again one day.
T - Tanekaha, celery pine, Phyllocladus trichomanoides one of the few latin names I remember from my botany days.
U - underwear. I do wear it. I'm sure you're pleased to know that.
V - vacillate. I am a chronic fence sitter. I most often see both sides of an argument.
W - waiting for me. Laundry. In the lounge room. See A.
X - x-craft. What I named my first car, a Mazda hatchback. So called because I could reach all parts from the driver's seat! LOL! All subsequent cars are now named x-craft in memory. DH used to call it the Rustang.
Y - younger sisters. I've got two of them.
Z - zzzz... my kids are sleeping at the moment.

Now I know my A,B,C's
Let me think, yes, I'll tag thee
(if you feel like it of course!)



  1. LOL - I am a fence sitter too - and have two sisters. BTW - congrats on winning the Dare prize draw :)

  2. I liked reading your ABC's.Had to giggle at the U comment.

  3. Cool list, and yep I experienced o fortunate -the Carmina Burana like you with hairs on my arms standing up and tingling.
    Congrats on winning the dare, I've seen the Paperpesto kit, that's an awesome price!

  4. Anonymous12:44 am

    Very cute, Penny. Thanks for going along with the tag. Now go take care of some laundry! Mine is waiting for me in the hallway! Funny how it has a way of lurking!

  5. I learned so much about you, Penelope! *wink* My mom used to sing the "k-k-katy" song to me also. Now I sing it to Kate, but I changed it to just "k-k-kate." I'm sure she'll grow up thinking the song is about her.

    I'll do my meme this weekend. AND I got my PIF gift yesterday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Thank you. I'll post about it this weekend also!