Friday, October 26, 2007

O happy day!

I am so lucky. I'm the recipient of the NZ Dare draw - a kit from Paper Pesto! So awesome :) Thank you!

This fortnight's dare is sounding good too.

DD discovered the laptop open on the coffee table and proceeded to pick off several keys off the keyboard, including the Enter key. I've managed to fix most of the keys back on but her manipulations have not improved things! So I hope I can keep typing without driving myself crazy.

DH (the mad photographer) has discovered an interesting site with a whole lot of photography related podcasts including various tutorials like how to take good photos at the zoo, photoshop techniques etc. Photocast Network also has links to video tutorials on programs such as the Gimp - a free photo editing program. Some of the podcasts are very interesting!


  1. Yeyeyeye!!!WTG!!!
    How lucky your DH is so into that. I'm always having a hard time reading tutorials of any kind. But maybe I ought to check these out, might be just the push I need;p ty for the links! :)

  2. Anonymous12:47 am

    Hey, what did you do when you found the keys missing? Just curious.

  3. Hey Penny I see you love Atomic Coffee! My hubby Dave works for them. Glad your looking forward to your prize!

  4. Woohoo - congrats Penny, you will have fun playing with that. Hope the keyboard isn't too bad off!

  5. Had to laugh about the keys Penny... my niece (18 months) did the same thing to my sisters one!!! Congrats on winning the prize pack... love your layout! And thanks for the tag... I've done a scrapbookers ABC... couldn't help myself :D

  6. Well done - I hope that you enjoy you prize

  7. Congrats, Penny!!
    I'm a little biased I guess, but you will LOVE the Paper Pesto kit!! Can't wait to see the layouts you make with it ;-)