Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Mooncup Revealed (might be TMI for some)

Couple of you mentioned the Mooncup in your comments and CW has even got one waiting to use so I thought I'd address her questions publicly in case someone else was interested. There is also a handy FAQ here.

When I originally heard about it I thought it was kind of strange but was intrigued. The history of it is interesting.

Menstrual cups were developed in the 1930s and went on commercial sale at around the same time as the first tampon. In that early post-Victorian era it was not considered ‘proper’ for women to touch their vaginal area. The manufacturers of the tampon overcame this obstacle by providing those disposable applicators that can still be found floating in our toilet bowls today! Menstrual cups require a ‘hands on’ approach and were only purchased by the most liberal minded woman in those days.

Commercially, the tampon is a more viable product, as customers need to repurchase month after month In contrast menstrual cup manufacturers do not expect to make repeat sales to satisfied customers, only to their friends and relations! Sadly such intimate matters were not discussed in polite company back in the 1930s. Sales of tampons soared and massive advertising campaigns were launched. Disposable feminine hygiene products soon became established necessities in modern western society.

Then one of my friends bought one and I decided to do so too - bearing in mind that at the time they were offering money back guarantee if it didn't work.

Do you find it easy to use?
Yes - now I do. Not at first though because I was nervous. It did take me a few cycles to get the technique right in terms of insertion. At first I was all fingers and thumbs! I found it easiest to squat to insert it. I no longer need to do this - I think that is partly practice and partly because I've had another baby since.

Did it take you a while to get used to it?
I think I took about 2-3 cycles to trust it! LOL! Then it's a matter of learning when is good to empty it according to your own cycle. At first I tried to empty it every time I visited the lav - no point. Then I left it too long on a heavy day and had a major spill - not good. But now I've learnt when is good to empty. I used to wear a panty liner for heavy days but no longer need to do that even.

I did have to trim more off the stem than I thought I'd need to when I first got it.

Now I hardly notice it when it's in use. Unlike tampons which proclaim their presence via their irritating string, and pads which get hot, bulky and - lets be honest - stinky if you don't change them often enough, the Mooncup is simple and efficient. You no longer have to worry about disposing of used stuff in public toilets. So long as you remember to keep it in your bag you won't need to worry about whether you replaced that dodgy tampon at the bottom of your handbag along with the crumpled up receipts.

During use, I wash the Mooncup after emptying and at the end of my cycle it gets plunked in Milton to sterilise it. If I'm in a public toilet I make sure to wipe it clean before reinsertion and wash it later.

Any further questions? Please feel free to email me :)


  1. I have the Diva Cup, and have to say, I too love it. The other thing I find, is that it doesn't dry the walls (TMI, mind you, this whole post is, LOL) like tampons do, especially at the end of your cycle. It's mind over matter, people immediately think, ick, but it's not really.

  2. I have to say this does sound appealing, and did wonder about how long it takes to get used to it. I was thinking hmmmm would still want to wear something because I would be worried it would leak. Like you said you do get used to it. Guess its like when you first start using tampons tas a young girl, where it takes you a few cycles to get used to it......

  3. Wow Penny, thanks so much for answering all those questions. Hearing about your experience makes it sound quite appealing. I also was wondering about how "trustworthy" the mooncup would be. I don't even trust tampons on my heavy days and always wear a panty liner as well, "just in case". I am so scared of leaks!! So knowing that you had your own trust issues at first is quite reassuring!
    I am definitely going to look into getting one. I talked to Dh and he didn't even think it was weird! LOL.

  4. Thanks for that Penny - not TMI at all :)

  5. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Oh, I hope I can get that here! Thank you for that post. Not TMI at all!

  6. Great info!
    *hugs* thank you Penny!!!Your super gorgeous bag has arrived!!! Wow i was blown away, all that work, I know embroidery takes time and I really appreciate it. Made me feel very special and happy!!! check out my blog 0.o

  7. Hi Penny. Emma Here.
    Hen got me onto the mooncup ages ago then only used it about three times and fell preggers. I have NO IDEA where it is now!!!
    I saw a post by you on Mel (tuatara girl)'s blog... How do you know her??


  8. Thanks for awesome info Penny - it's gotme thinking...

    (And, Yoda - small world eh? Scrapbooking/Weight Watchers - most of my cyber friends are via one of those parts of my life!)

  9. Thanks for all this info, Penny - most useful :) I hope it doesn't take me too long to get used to using my mooncup!