Monday, September 10, 2007

m m m marshmallows

Some of you may recall the interview with my DS where he mentions marshmallows as a favourite.

We were getting some things for his birthday and he happened to notice an enormous bag of marshmallows on the shelf.

DS: I think we need some marshmallows.
Me: Oh.. why?
DS: Because Daddy ate them all.
Me: Is that so! Oh well. I guess we can get some more.

Then on the weekend he sidles up to me and says:
Have we got 4,5 , 6, 8, 11, 14, 17 marshmallows?
Me: Probably.
DS: Daddy hasn't eaten them eh?

I think he's feeling a bit protective.


  1. I know another house where sometimes the yummy things have to be protected from the dad!

  2. so cute! Kate counts like that too sometimes!

  3. lol daddy is a marshmellow monster lol and the marshmellows are his protected treasure. So cute.

  4. LOL - my boy likes to count things too. But marshmallows would be safe in this house - neither of them like them.