Thursday, September 20, 2007

Local Government

Sometimes we rant at the local government and their decisions. Like when they closed the branch library just up the road from me because it wasn't considered cost effective to run. Now instead of popping the kids into the pram to get some books or make a quick drop off, I have to get in the car and burn some fossil fuel instead. I know they have a mobile library stop there now, but as much as I believe in mobile libraries (in the wild as it were) they are not the same as bricks and mortar. Especially when you have 2 pre-schoolers. I was also disappointed they didn't take my suggestion of setting up a book drop in the local supermarket (situated beside the library site) so people could drop off books when the mobile library wasn't there. I thought that was quite a neat idea and a chance for a great example of community co-operation and initiative.

Not happy people. Not happy.

But this made me happy. Having driven to drop off some books I noticed a small room next to the branch library labelled Cloth Nappy Education Centre. At first I thought it was a weird name for a child care place but upon closer inspection I see it really is as the name suggests. The council is subsidising the hireage of cloth nappies and teaching folks how to use them. I'm impressed that for once our eco-city is putting it's money where it's mouth is.


  1. love the nappy place what a great idea. As for councils there are elections coming up!!! I always vote in these cos like you I like to have my say :-)specially when they don't listen to great ideas like yours.

  2. What meanies! Closing the library ... so sad :-( But the nappy place does sound fantastic.

    Like Janine, I am really looking forward to our local elections and voting for some CHANGES around here!

  3. Must say Im getting a bit greener and more eco-conscious. Like I won't buy imported fruit and veges. I use recyclable shopping bags and... then I drive home from the supermarket in my Land Rover. Ah well, I'm trying!

  4. How frustrating. There have been mumblings about closing our local library too. I hope it doesn't come to that. Nappy place is a great idea though.

    Oh and feel free to use the letter idea. I'm doing that for his monthly b-days for now and then his annual ones. :)

  5. Bummer about the library - but they seem to have plenty of money to promote an airport....(grumble grumble)
    The cloth nappy thing sounds like a good initiative (although I am a total hypocrite and used disposables for both of mine. Local govt is the unloved step child of politics - I am looking at the names standing here and wondering who they all are and what they believe in. Someone who actually USED public transport would be a good start!

  6. It's always sad when they close the little mini libraries because it effects usually the elderly and the families with young kids... two groups who really need the local community...
    Great about the nappy place though, will pass that website on to a friend who just found out she's gonna be a first time granny.
    Oh yes and you've been tagged, if you want to play along check my blog .

  7. argh! So sorry your branch was shut down. The nerve. Working in a regional library system now, I wonder how all the little branches manage to keep on keeping on... but they do. Lots of gov't support for it here.