Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy bee

When I was going to kindy they had a day where everyone came and pitched in to help do things around the kindgergarten. Kiwi's call this as a "working bee". We had t-shirts with "I'm a busy bee at kindergarten" on it. Well, I've been a busy bee at home! So this is going to be a bullet point post.

Birthday boy turned 4 today so we had the party on Saturday. The train cake turned out well. He was totally spoiled. He asked us at tea time "Is my party day finished?" to which we said yes it was. "Can I have it again?" Aaah no. Not until next year. Maybe.

Finished a number of layouts:

Finished sewing up a romper I made originally for DS but decided it was too girly and didn't make it up. Now that I have a girl you know. Just so you're convinced, here is a picture of her in another smocked romper I made, and a beautiful purple hat my friend S knitted. She is the queen of drool right now as you see.

Also finished the PIF gifts which have to wait until next month to be sent, after which I shall post some pictures!


  1. wow Penny thats a lovely romper you made. You are so talented. Pleased to hear the party went well and the cake turned out well.

  2. hey our boys share the same birthday!

    Looks like you've been really busy scrapping.

  3. Glad your little guy had a great birthday! The cake looks awesome.

    Well done on the scrapping and sewing! I agree with Janine, you are very talented!

  4. You have been very productive! Look at that smoking! Gorgeous.
    Happy Birthday to your son too!

  5. That birthday train looks almost too good to eat!
    Gorgeous LO's the top one is my favorite, it just shouts summer fun!
    And I am so jealous, look at your sewing and smoking! Wish I could sew like that, just gorgeous Penny!

  6. That cake is so cool!

    I love those layouts. I recently started scrapbooking and realized how much work it takes to make a page look that good!

  7. Happy birthday to your big boy. And the young lady looks very styley :)

  8. Oh that smocking makes ME drool!

    (And 4!) - wow, school this time next year!

  9. Happy Birthday Mr 4 for last Monday. Sounds like the party was big success and the cake is amazing of course.
    He looks like such a grown up boy now too.
    DD looks gorgeous in her styling hat too.

  10. wonderful cake and such a cute romper! i can't believe ds is 4 already. i remember the digger cake last year like it was yesterday. they grow so fast.