Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Blogosphere Book Circle Final Reading List

Here is the list!

6 votes
Novel about my wife / Emily Perkins

5 votes
Wolf Hall / Hilary Mantel

4 votes
March / Geraldine Brooks
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress / Dai Sijie, Ina Rilke (trans.)
The lacuna /Barbara Kingsolver

3 votes
Access Road / Maurice Gee
The Graveyard Book / Neil Gaiman
Bad Science by Ben Goldacre
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. / Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

2 votes
Replenishing the Earth : the settler revolution and the rise of the Anglo-world, 1783-1939 / James Belich.
The bolter : Idina Sackville- the woman who scandalised 1920s society and became White mischief's infamous seductress / Frances Osborne.
Love and Summer / William Trevor
Carry Me Down / M J Hyland
Day after night / Anita Diamant
Blood bond / Michael Gree
The kings mistress / Emma Campion
Empire / Orson Scott Card
The Girl on the Landing / Paul Torda
Her fearful symmetry / Audrey Niffenegger
Tears of Pearl / Alexander Tasha
Land of marvels / Barry Unsworth 
Eating Animals / Jonathan Safran Foer
Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater / Frank Bruni
Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon / David Grann
The other hand / Chris Cleave.
The road / Cormac McCarthy.
Every Man Dies Alone / Hans Fallada.
Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel / Jeannette Walls 
The crimson petal and the white / Michel Faber 

1 vote 
A Thousand Splendid Suns / Khaled Hossein
The Glasshouse / Sophie Cooke
A Gate At The Stairs / Lorrie Moore
Limestone / Fiona Farrell
The Hunger Games / Suzanne Collins
In the kitchen, Monica Ali
Cloudstreet / Tim Winton
The year of the Shanghai Shark / Mo Zhi Hong.
The child thief /  Brom
Relics of the dead / Franklin, Ariana.
Big Machine/ Victor LaValle
Await Your Reply/ Dan Chaon
Strength in What Remains / Tracy Kidder
Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs / Linda Olsson
The 10pm Question / Kate De Goldi
Year of magical thinking / Joan Didion
Up till now / William Shatner
I am Ozzy / Osbourne, Ozzy
The talented Miss Highsmith / Joan Schenkar (biography of Patricia Highsmith)
Sense and sensibility and sea- monsters / Jane Austen and Ben H Winters
Blood Ties / Sam Hayes

0 vote
The echo maker / Richard Powers
Blindsight / Maurice Gee
The Believers / Zoƫ Heller
 The School of Essential Ingredients / Erica Bauermeister 
Good to a Fault / Marina Endicott 
Unspoken  / Sam Hayes.
Non Fiction
And then there's this : how stories live and die in viral culture / Bill Wasik.
Outliers / Malcolm Gladwell

Twitterature - the world's greatest books retold through twitter

So - after some consideration, plus a member's request that we read at least 3 non-fiction books, this is the final list by month.

The bolter / Frances Osborne
Access Road / Maurice Gee
Replenishing the Earth / James Belich
Bad Science / Ben Goldacre
The Graveyard Book / Neil Gaiman
Wolf Hall / Hilary Mantel
Novel about my wife / Emily Perkins
The lacuna / Barbara Kingsolver 
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies / Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
The road / Cormac McCarthy
March / Geraldine Brooks
January 2011
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress / Dai Sijie, Ina Rilke (trans.)

If you would like a bookmark with this list on, here is one you can print off.  Right click to save the image, then print it onto some nice card.

Just for fun I got some plain journals and covered them with two different papers.  I'm giving these away to 2 members of the book circle so if you'd like one please make sure you mention it in a comment and tell me which one you would prefer.  I'll draw 2 winners out at the end of the week.  You could use them for recording book circle information, poetry, writing your own stories or whatever.

And if nobody wants them I'll use them myself! :-)


  1. Im really interested in how you find Novel About My Wife. I reviewed it for the times when it was published but havent had anyone elses opinion on it, I'll have to wait til August i guess ;)

  2. I added a bunch of the books to my "to read" list. I'm not going to officially join the book circle since I did so miserably last time, but I am following along and maybe I'll be able to make a month or two.

  3. Loving the non-fiction rule. I've been trying to force myself to read more non-fiction.

    And love those journals!

  4. I've been watching from afar via Sharon's blog so I'm going to investigate some of your choices this year. I won't officially join, for a start my library is lacking a few of your picks anyway. But I've requested the first. Definitely not books I would've picked myself.

  5. yay:) although, i'm still working on books 11 and 12 from last time!

    the bookmark is a great idea. and your journals are both lovely!

  6. Those journals are gorgeous & I love the bookmark.

    OK so I need to read the book by the end of the alloted month, right?

  7. It's a good list, and I have got the first one off the shelves. I think we even hold most tof the titles :-)

    Funny thing is I found that The Bolter had been incorrectly catalougued and had to fix up the record

    O and cool journals

  8. Ho Penny thanks for the cute printable list (which I have just printer) and your journals are gorgeous. I've just mentioned the book circleon my FB page and I think a couple fo my frineds will sign up!

  9. Ho, Penny??? Well it wasn't mean to be an insult!

  10. I love those journals - what did you cover them with, Penny?

  11. ahhh love the bookmark and will print that off and start reserving books from the library. I found last year that our chocies were so popular that I had to wait ages for some of the books and caved and bought a few of them in the end. The Book Thief is still on freaking reserve, even the large print copies lol. Giggling at Mels Ho comment lol. Too funny. Love the journals you made too.

  12. oh may I join in? I've been racing down to the library today to check what books they have ... two on the shelves *March* by Geraldine Brooks, and *Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress* by Dai Sijie, Ina Rilke ... and five others already out on loan. I promise to read at least six books and to review them :)

  13. I am looking forward to this - and hoping I can get some recreational reading time as well as "study" reading. Halfway through Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so still working on last year's list :)

    Love the new look for the blog too :)