Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Reading Summary

Number of books read in 2009: 84
A bit less than my estimate of books read in 2008.

Average read per month: 7 (my estimated average for 2008 was 9 per month)

New reads: 79

Fiction: 53
Non Fiction: 27
hmmm... about 60/40 ratio. Not too bad I guess, not that it really matters.

Male Author: 25
Female Author: 54
This probably reflects the type of stuff I like to read is mostly written by women rather than any deliberate gender bias.

I think it's clear from my listing of genre that I still really like historical fiction (no particular era) over anything else.  The book circle books have been great for widening my tastes.  Some of the stuff I read was categorised into several subjects so the number totals won't add up to the books read total.

Genre Totals
Historical Fiction: 27
Autobiographical/Biographical: 19
Crime: 13
Literature: 10
Science: 6
Thriller: 4
New Zealand author or setting: 4
Chick Lit: 4
Fantasy: 3
Mystery: 2
Coming of age: 2
Comedy: 2
Travel/living in a different country: 2
Food: 1*
Eco-lifestyle: 1

*not really representational given I didn't record the cook books I borrow and read like novels.

I didn't record the poetry books I read this year - probably about 2-3 from memory.


  1. hehehehe ... I have never recorded how many books I read in a year ... I am guessing it would be about triple that though (at least!) But there'd be no non-fiction amongst it LOL
    I have read lots and lots the last few months especially having morning sickness and no motivation to scrap!
    Hope you are having a great day ... when do you have to go back to work?

  2. I finally finished Love in the Time of Cholera:

    I am pretty far down the queue for the other two books on the list

  3. um, i probably read 15 book this year. lame!

    how do you decide what to read? i guess working at a library, you have a lot in your path...