Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Summer days

Been playing with my sewing machine.  Made some shorts for daycare for Missy Moo.  It was windy this day...

Went up to Omaha and stayed in a friend's bach for a couple of nights.  Lovely beach, lots of expensive boats and baches full of young, slim and beautiful people.  We felt just a tad out of place! ;-)  I decided the Oratia Farmers Market is just as good, if not better, than the Matakana one which had way too many people for my comfort.

Watching someone load their boat onto the trailer.

The simple bach we stayed in.

Views of the beach.

I've been making some pages for the Southern Cross Kids Camp drive that Trina's doing.  They are very easy to do and rather addictive.  I did 36.  I would have liked to do more, but they needed to get posted off today.

Missy Moo is three tomorrow so I need to bake a cake.  I've been given instructions - it must be PINK with PINK candles.  I think I can work with that brief.


  1. Penny I just love, love these! I am working on some layouts for SC as well...Awesome outfit and good luck with the pink cake with pink candles.

  2. Ohhh Miss L is cuteness ;-)
    Nice you had a little get away ... we are off on Saturday for a week (if the place is nice!)
    Go you for doing all those LO's for the SC Kids Camp. They look fab.

  3. Those layouts look fantastic. The brief for the cake sounds very easy, I hope you have fun making it.

  4. Cute shorts!
    Happy Birthday to Lydia for tomorrow, I hope she loves her pink cake!

  5. Happy Birthday Miss Lydia for Thursday. Wow times passes so fast. Oh love those shorts, so cute. Oh you had a relaxing time.....

  6. How lucky Miss L is to have a Mum who sews.