Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Journal draw results

Assisted by my beautiful assistant we drew two names for the journals I covered.  Mel and Amie - let me know which one you'd prefer and I'll send them your way.  Amie I will also need your address.  (Think I've got your one somewhere Mel).

Speaking of my beautiful assistant - she decided to make herself more beautiful by cutting her own hair on Sunday after we got home from our church meeting.

Le sigh.

In other news:
  • I have made 6 bottles of plum jam, 6 bottles of strawberry jam.  Chelsea's jam setting sugar is good for the strawberries since the extra pectin helps.
  • The whanau appears to be afflicted with some tummy bug.  I'm expecting to be smitten forthwith
  • DH lost his $800 tripod off the rocks at O'Neills Bay, Bethells Beach/Te Henga.  If you find a tripod washed up on the sand he'd love to see it back but we're not hopeful.  An unexpected gust of wind blew it over.  Fortunately the camera wasn't on it, and fortunately AMI looks like it will play nicely and help us replace it.  And fortunately DH had enough sense to not go diving for it because it's a washing machine of waves & rocks in that area.  I'd rather have my husband and lose the tripod.
  • I did one layout on the weekend. Whee.

Getting things together for my trip to Melbourne next week to attend a conference there.  I'm excited to go and nervous too.  New faces, different environment, having to make conversation... all things I'm not so good at.  But thanks to Twitter and blogs there will be people I have chatted with and am now going to meet IRL and that always helps.  I have been to Melbourne BK (before kids) so it won't be entirely unfamiliar.  Hope it won't be too hot.


  1. Oh dear at Lydia's hairdressing attempt! I remember my sister doing the same thing and Mum was horrified! Will be good photos for the 21st ;-)

    Hope the family members who have the tummy bug are on the mend soon, and that you are spared!

    Bummer about the tripod, but great that the insurance company has come to the party. Bethel's is a pretty dangerous beach alright, so I can see why you are pleased that your hubby didn't dive in after it!!

  2. Oh boy ... that's a serious haircut! You've had a few trials over the last week or so ... lets hope the rest of the week gets a whole lot better for you ... or at least that the tummy bug skips you.

  3. a child i was babysitting woke up with a similar 'do, and her mom neglected to tell me it had happened before i got there. i was so stressed out thinking it happened on my watch!

    hope everyone feels better soon:)

  4. Kids & scissors ... I don't know! Maddison always seems to find mine no matter how high I put them up!
    Bother it about the tripod! Mind you rather that that Rod!!!
    Good luck for Melbourne. I am sure you will have a lovely time :-)
    Nice banner on your blog too ... are you celebrating Chinese New Year hehehee :-)

  5. Oh thank you Miss Lydia! Very kind.

    And I agree about the Chelsea jam sugar - Iw ondered if it was a waste of money or a gimmick but I tried it for my strawberry jam, too and it did make a difference.

    Melbourne will be awesome - enjoy it!

  6. PS No preference- both gorgeous - Amie can choose!

  7. COngrats Mel and Aime. Miss Lydia looked like she was enjoying her assistant role.

    Maybe she wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up. I think cutting your own hair is a rite of passage lol as a child.

    Eeeks at the tripod, I agree though, better to have a hubby and no tripod....

    Enjoy Melbourne next week.

  8. Oh yay! Thanks.

    I agree, cutting hair is a rite of passage in childhood. It has to be done. Either to yourself or to your siblings, hee hee.

  9. Guess what I got in the mail today - one gorgeous wee journal. It will be well used. Many thanks!