Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Couple of layouts

I was lucky enough to be a winner in Scrapbook Outlet's Gok Inspired Fashoin Competition.  Andrea very kinly and generously sent me a box with some Prima goodies in it - Thanks!  I'd not used their papers before, and these are their stitched mulberry range which has a nice texture to it... kind of spongey soft and chunky.

This one I didn't do much to actually apart from silhouetting DS's daycare photo from when he was almost 2.  I wanted an aeroplane pulling the title so paper pierced one, and DS wanted the elephant to be riding the 'plane so that's what he got.

I caught Miss Moo after her shower looking for something in my cupboard wearing nowt but her "heels".  I blanked out the bare botty bit but you get the idea.  Naturally we all would like to be naked and wearing high heels when working in the kitchen so here is someone who is brave enough to do it. Ha ha!!

It was a pleasure to work with these papers - their texture really lends themselves to rolling, distressing and other sorts of manipulation.  You can get them from SBO :)


  1. Oh very nice :-) I grinned at Tim's "request" of what to put on his LO hehehee
    I haven't used those prima papers either ... looked at them, felt them, but haven't bought any (yet!) hehee
    L is very cute in her heels :-)

  2. Neat layouts, Penny! I really love the last one, what a great photo of Lydia!!

  3. Very nice ... yum prima. LOL at those heels ... a good layout to have on display at her 21st maybe?!

  4. Congratulations on your win, Penny!

    I love both the layouts.

    I like Tim's thinking re. the elephant riding on the plane too.

    Once again your DD had truly made my day and made me smile so much. I know I've said it before - she has oodles of personality. Such a character!

  5. LOL - little Miss has class:) Terrific layouts