Thursday, October 29, 2009

Camping Trip to Tawharanui

Over Labour weekend we stayed at Tawharanui Regional Park.  It's a lovely spot.  We had great weather for the Sat/Sun, though Monday was a wet pack up and we've had to dry out the tent in the garage over the last few days.

Missy Moo got some bug that has been going round so she spent a lot of the time being out of sorts and dosed up on Pamol.  Mr 6 had a blast though.  I blobbed around reading books, doing some sketching and enjoying doing nothing in particular.  I could have easily spent a week of it but would have needed a few more books to read.  In my efforts to pack minimalistically I didn't take enough "entertainment" things for me or the kids.  So the Hairy McLary book got a beating!

This is the second time we've used the tent and we're pleased with the way it works for us. In fact, we were pitched a bit further along on a bit of a slope the first night and a flatter site became available the next morning.  So we undid the pegs and dragged the tent down a few metres to the flat. The first night wasn't that great actually because it felt like we were sleeping on a mountain side and there were a bunch of idiots pickling their brains until 3.30am and making lots of noise. A couple of us complained to the ranger and they got sent packing - yay!

Missy Moo discovered my ear plugs in my hand bag.

DH got up every morning to do some sunrise photos and spent every evening doing sunset photos.  He came home with a full memory card and is feeling quite pleased with himself.  You can see some of his efforts on his blog.  We also did a few family rambles.  Missy Moo was happy when we stopped for DH to take photos but wasn't if we were walking and moaned for me to carry her everywhere.

The beach is lovely.  Bikini clad wenches were out in force!  But I wasn't one of them ;-)

Mr 6 made some stone constructions.  This one has 2 chimnies, a hot water cylinder and pipes apparently.

Missy Moo kept showing me rocks - "Look Mummy!  I found a rock!"  Perhaps my enthusiasm wasn't quite up to her requirements but given their prevalence I wasn't too surprised about her discoveries...

Looking forward to going back with more books, less sickies and for a longer time!!


  1. Looks like an amazing time. Makes me wish we were coming into summer instead of winter.

  2. Looks like a fab tent. Pity about the picklers though! VERY Annoying! I would have complained too ;-)
    Hope L is feeling heaps better.
    Hugs R

  3. Love Tawharanui, has been a fave spot for Rob & I since we were dating :-) The boys really love climbing the trees on the beach (over the point from the main beach) and rolling down the grassy hills. A shame that Lydia was sick but she still looks pretty happy in the photos. Great that Rod was able to get some neat shots while you were there. Can't believe there were girls in bikinis ... were they swimming?? Or just lying in the sun. I can't imagine swimming in the sea JUST yet!

  4. Anonymous10:28 am

    looks like you had a great time. Love the new banner

  5. Tawharanui would be in my top three Nth Is. spots. Just love it!

    What a shame wee Lydia was unwell. It still looks like you had a magic time though.

    Rod's photos are unreal! He is so very talented.

  6. Looks like a great weekend- I love camping. We go to Jervis Bay in NSW for a fortnight each January witha whole bunch of fmailies. I didn't do any camping when the children were in nappies - but I love the freedom of no...(well lots of things), but especially TV and stuff. How far is the beach from your place?

  7. Good to have a relaxing weekend and I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves even if there was sickness, wet and not enough entertainment