Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 6: Gok Inspired Fashion Competition

The last layout I managed to do for the Scrapbook Outlet's competition.  The challenges included silhouetting and a journalling spot (not pre-made).  Stamping was also a challenge but I didn't manage to get it on this layout and ran out of time for another one I'd planned.  Never mind!  The odds aren't in my favour for the draw but I'm glad I've got a few more layouts in the album which is all that really matters.

The journalling is about my first job.  I actually had 2 first jobs since I worked 2 part time jobs for a year.  This one was at Hebron Christian College.  The principal used to be my Form 2 teacher and I met him by chance just when I was looking for part time work and he was looking for a part time librarian.  Actually, I don't think that one happened by chance! ;-)

Anyway, fortunately for me, the head librarian B was happy to take me on his recommendation and we turned out to be a good team.  We did a lot in the library that year and I was able to use the stuff I learnt during my studies to good effect.  We wrote a new collection development policy which replaced an older set of guidelines.  We started to automate the library - this was 1996 and that project was finally finished a few years later.  I think we had one computer when we started!  I know poor B really wondered if it would ever be finished!  We gave the library a good weed and started the process of updating the non-fiction which was badly in need of renewal. 

Sadly, one of the library helpers in that top group died the following year from a brain tumour she had had since childhood.  She was in her early 20s.

They were good times, good people and it really felt like we were making a difference.  It was the kind of job that gave me a good grounding in grass roots librarianship.


  1. Yes it's a nice feeling getting LO's into albums isn't it. And look at you there :-) 13 years ago! Phew time flies huh. I'd been married a year and was on my 3rd job then I think LOL

  2. The layout looks fab, Penny!

    I really enjoyed reading about your first job.

    I know at least three people who attended that school (early to mid '80s)and have very fond memories of it.

  3. Very cool. We often forget to make pages about our working lives and yet we spend so much time there. So sad about your collegue though.

  4. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Hey congrats on the win Penny!

  5. Nice l/o and it's nice to read the story behind it too. That's what I love about s/bing - telling the stories