Friday, October 09, 2009

Gok Inspired Fashion Competition Catwalk#5

Sadly I didn't manage to do #3 and #4 of this challenge - other stuff had priority but I did manage to squeeze this one out just before the deadline closed Wendesday night!!


Mr 6 is spending the last week of the holidays with his Gran and Grandad in Whangarei.  We rang last night to see how he was getting on and all seems well.  He'd been to the library with Gran and had got out a Richard Scarry book, one of his favourite authors.  He devours the pages for machines and then goes and constructs them with his Mobilo.  My conversation with him consisted of him telling me in excruciating detail how the wheat is grown, harvested, taken to the mill..... and finally made into flour.

Miss 2.5 is missing her brother.  She had to speak with him twice on the phone and asked me, "Daddy getting Tim?"  So sweet.  Pity their interactions aren't always so tranquil.  I feel like I need a blue beret at times, the amount of peace keeping that has to go on.


  1. Nice LO Penny, she's cute :-)
    A & M love Richard Scarry too ... so glad you know all about wheat now! LOL
    When we were home last I got 2 Richard Scarry dvds from the warehouse and the kids love them (they were about $7 each I think).
    LOL at your peacekeeping Mr Plod hehehee :-)
    Hugs R

  2. Aww - cute that she misses him. I stay out of sibling arguments unless they involve actual injury. I figure they can sort things out better than me!

  3. I love your layout and I love that you used my favourite (so far) set of photos of your DD.

    Richard Scarry is very popular with our two older boys also.

    Our two older boys spent last week in ChCh with my family and the two littlies missed them big time too.