Friday, November 27, 2009


A couple of weeks ago my boss rang up and said "I'd like to have a Unitec presence at National Digital Forum, would you be willing to go?"  My answer, "Does the pope have a balcony?!" or words to that effect.

So on Monday at 6.45am I flew out of Auckland down to Wellington to this place here - Te Papa.

The conference was worthwhile and you can read my thoughts about it on The Room Of Infinite Diligence.

On Monday, during my lunch hour I was lucky to be able to meet up with Melissa - it was great to finally meet her IRL after being online friends for a fair while now.  In my daze I managed to forget to take a photo *smacks hand* but it did happen!  Thanks for the biscotti Mel, I have them at work so I don't have to share them - hee hee!

I also managed to visit with this... we didn't exactly have much conversationally to share, but still quite fascinating.  Just to let you know that theory about 2 degrees of separation thing in New Zealand is well and truly real, I have to point out that Steve O'Shea (the squid man) was my lab demonstrator back when I did marine biology at University.  He's a great teacher by the way. ;-)  I have him to thank that I can still name many marine species from the littoral zone. Heh.

By the end of the first day I was shattered and made my weary way up to the hotel.  I turned off the light at 9.30pm!

Next morning I spent some time at the water front by Te Papa absorbing the tranquil harbour views.  I was so impressed by so many Wellingtonians bussing, biking and walking to work. Well done!  Of course it helps that the public transport down there is so much better, and that a lot of people work in the CBD which is so compact.  I also noticed how New Zealanders love to wear black.  We need more colour in our fashion.

The waterfront looking towards the city.


This chappy doesn't have any undies on.  I checked.


At lunchtime I managed to catch up with Janine and this time I did manage to take a photo... though it took me a couple of tries!! Again, it was great to catch up in real life!  The hand cream is delish.


Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Beverley and some of the other Wellington girls (like Jenny) who would have been stuck at work.  :-( Next time I will get the flights arranged a bit better so I can! 

I was so tired on the second day and very glad to get home to the bosom of the family.  I drove into the drive and saw DS's head poking over the window sill watching out for my arrival.  DD was asleep so she only saw me the next morning.. "My mummy!" was her comment.

It was good practice for next Feb when I'm going to the VALA conference in Melbourne, Australia.  Not looking forward to the flying or missing my family, but the conference should be good.


  1. Yeah ... know what you mean about being away from your family! It's a good feeling to be home aye! But how neat you got to catch up with some blog friends. :-)

  2. What a great getaway!

  3. I love work trips because of the freedom, but I always miss the kids. So I can relate to your feelings of being glad to get home again, and wanting to "practice" for the overseas one. My last work trip was to Canada, which was amazing (I got to see Niagara Falls and stay with a blogging buddy I'd known for years) ... but 12 days is a LONG time to be so far away from my boys. This business travel is a bittersweet thing once you have kids.

    Looks like you made the most of your trip. Great that you were able to fit in sightseeing and meeting friends. It's always nice to mix a little pleasure with business! :-)

  4. I love visiting Wellington. Looks like you had a fab time!

  5. Sigh ... I'm still bummed about missing meeting you. So ... did you follow suit with the chap with no undies on and take a dip in the harbour?

  6. Oh yay, looking forward to catching up at VALA Penny :) (but yeh missing home and family is the tough part. I always feel like a wuss not wanting to stay away longer because I can't wait to get home...)

  7. Sounds like you had a good time and yes, it is a pity we didn't manage to meet - next time!

  8. Cool post, Penny! Feeling like I've been on a jaunt to Welly now :)

    It's neat that you got to do some sight seeing too. A lot of the work trips I used to do I didn't always get time to do that.

    And your right, the sucky part is missing the family.

    On the flip side of that the reunion is always sweet.