Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catwalk Challenge #2

Another entry for the Gok Inspired Fashion Competition at SBO.
Rules are here.
The Catwalk #2 challenge is here. I've combined 2 into one... elements of nature and a diecut' / 'lasercut' shaped or lace background. Used some Bazzill bling as the base, my Stampin' Up! stamps as well. Clear journaling tag is Little Yellow Bicycle.

The car has been towed off to the assessors so we shall see if it gets a fix or not. Meanwhile, we have some suspicions about which company the tanker trucks belong to but we can't prove it. The paint we got off the car is a very close match to the trucks - Rod went up to the company's yard and could see some of the tankers but none that he could see had any damage. However, there were 2 others he couldn't see from the road, and it's possible there were other trucks parked elsewhere. He passed on the information to the police (having made a report directly after the accident happened), but they weren't interested at all. *sigh*


  1. Anonymous12:24 pm

    love the flowers on your layout.
    Hope you get somewhere with the trucking co regarding the damage to your car.

  2. Beautiful LO Penny. Those dafs are pretty cool.
    Hummm so R might get a flash new car out of this then huh! ;) Good luck.

  3. Love the flowers and great that you had those photos. I'm surprised that the police were not prepared to help, though

  4. Love the flowers on that layout. I am with Jenny I am surprised they are not interested in chasing the horrible people that did this. DH makes a good detective though :-)

  5. This LO is rockin', Penny!

    Those daffidols are something special indeed, and it is lovely to see the Cornwall Park photos in a LO that really does them justice.

    I'm not at all surprised regarding the reaction of the police. From the experience of people I know and from what I've read, they have zero interest in traffic accidents unless there is serious injury, or worse, a fatality.