Monday, September 07, 2009


Trying to get photos of Miss 2 is nigh on impossible. Check out this series...

A pensive look

"Smile for mummy?"

"No! Open your eyes!"

*sigh* "You are a wally"

"Okay - one more chance"

*gives up in disgust* LOL! I have every respect for people who successfully take photos of their children without coming away with no hair left on their heads.....


  1. But she is very cute! Even 14 and 15 yo boys are hard to photograph

  2. heheehee love those pics ;-) Even if she isn't doing a normal smile LOL
    I asked A to take some pics of M and I today (we were matching) and everytime he tried M threw a tanti! Should blog one of them cause it was funny.

  3. it is SO hard to photograph kids! dylan always wants to see the pictures/videos on screen, so it's near impossible to get anything.

    your little one is a cutie, tho, even if you couldn't get the pics you were hoping for:)

  4. She is cute! I feel your pain. I think photographing your own kids is the hardest thing.

  5. Its called bribery Love :)
    These are adorable none the less!!!

  6. I actually like those - the first and last ones are cute and at least they show her personality!
    But I do understand how hard it can be to get that elusive shot ;-)

  7. I did 3 photos last year with Jacob holding wooden letters that spelt out DAD for Luke's Father's Day present, I think I got the idea from Amy. Last year was relatively easy as he wasn't too mobile and Mum was visiting so able to be my assistant.
    This year I attempted to do the same thing and that session ended in photos of a crying Jacob strapped in his pram holding a 'D' LOL

    I finally managed to get some lovely photos later in the week at home and not without a fair amount of cajoling and they're all 'action' shots. So well done to get some cute photos of DD even if she won't take direction

  8. OMG, Penny, you've made my day! These photos are too cute. #3 is my absolute favourite. Your wee girl has oodles and oodles of personality.

    Our kids do not like having their photos taken and do not oblige at the moment, even with bribes.

    Except...Mr nearly two is currently the opposite and he even sat for me yesterday morning! Not sure how long that will last. Both his father and I HATE posing for photos, so it is most definitely in his genes, unless he is some kind of throw back, haha.

  9. I LOVE the only your eyes one... that is so funny :)

  10. Miss 14 was, well, 14 before I could get good photos of her - she always used to screw up her face in a false smile. Mr 9, on the other hand, is a photographers dream