Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tagged x 2!

themommykelly tagged me ages ago to do this one... She writes:
We’re blogging all about five gifts we would make to ourselves for Christmas if we had unlimited income.
So these are my thoughts!
1. Since charity begins at home I'd be looking to my family first. I'd like to set my parents up with some income for their retirement because I do worry about when they will be living on pensions. I'd be giving some to my sisters to do what they wish with it. And for my own little family, we'd be getting a bigger house more suited to our lifestyle (i.e. 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas and good indoor/outdoor flow). Preferably one that is sustainable - built with things like solar power, green insulation, grey water recycling systems etc. Oh, and I'd be ditching the x-craft (my car) for something a bit roomier.

2. I'd be giving some donations to the Pindrop Foundation. This charity is one that isn't too well known (I think) and it's not ..uh .. trendy like some others.

Pindrop was set up to raise awareness and funds for cochlear implants (bionic ears) and to draw attention to issues relating to hearing loss.

Over 400 people in New Zealand have received a cochlear implant since 1986. It has been estimated that there are over 400,000 hearing impaired New Zealanders, 4000 of whom could possibly benefit from a cochlear implant and yet a good many of these people aren't aware that the option exists for them to consider.

The funding for cochlear implants is not that great and so some people (including Alice, a friend of mine) have to wait, and wait, and wait until they can have it done.

3. I like to invest in some companies that are trying to make a difference in terms of the third bottom line - their environmental impact and other ethical considerations.

4. I'd like to travel with my family to places overseas.

5. I'd tell DH to ditch his job so he can go back and train to do what he really is interested in. And I'd get him the BWL he wants, just because. BWL=big white lens.

My online friend Jenny tagged me to blog 5 things about myself that people don't know.
1. I get motion sick quite easily. Especially on planes. Makes it tricky when traveling overseas. I'm the one checking for the existence of the barf bag.
2. I love words but hate crosswords! I like looking at dictionaries and etymology.
3. I like to play Cranium, Trivial Pursuit & Pictionary. But only with intelligent people.
4. I used to do karate.
5. I would like to swim naked in the sea. (heh heh) Clear the beach!!!


  1. I've heard of the implants, but not the pinhead foundation, sounds good though.

  2. I like your 5 gifts list.
    And I will not be playing trivial pursuit with you cos I suck at it lol

  3. Anonymous2:31 am

    Very nice Penny. You are a very generous and considerate person!

  4. Love what you shared. I too get motion sickness badly. Hate road trips on windy roads.