Friday, January 11, 2008

Flaunt it Friday: the fridge

themommykelly's theme this week: open your fridge!

Mine is very full right now - DD's party is tomorrow. Hence the pink lamingtons. :)

See the packets of film in the door? They've been there for ages since DH went digital. They are mostly infra red film.

You can see I've started DD on a bottle now and again in an attempt to night wean her. She likes the Tommee-Tippee-booby-shape-teat one which is good. DS would never take a bottle and made it awkward when he went to day care or stay with my mum for a bit. At least this frees me up a little. Not that I begrudge still breast feeding her ... well, maybe at 3.00am in the morning when she just wants comfort I do ... but now she is one, she is able to deal with a bit of bottle time I think. I am happy to let her take the lead in weaning to some extent, though I'd quite like to be finished feeding her by the time she is 2 if possible.

Oh - and you see there is a bottle of lemon curd in there. There were 3 full ones. But I've opened one in a moment of weakness. I love that stuff. It's for DD"s party truly! Really it is! I'm just..uh.. testing it.


  1. Ohhh...lamingtons...yummo!!! :)My fridge is so messy at the moment - I considered cleaning it before taking a pic, but thought otherwise. :)


  2. Lemon curd and lamingtons wouldn't last long in my fridge! Love the pictures - reminds me that my kids have grown - no kindy art these days. E's art is in folders and on his pinboard and framed around the house. But no longer on the fridge!

  3. You are brave to show your fridge ... but then yours is very neat & orderly! Even the front looks good! Mine's a mess ... photos on the front are 3 years old, and the inside needs a big clean!

  4. What is a lamington? it seems that I am the only one that doesn't know?

  5. Anonymous7:07 am

    First things first. I don't know what a lamington is either. Please, help!

    Secondly, totally jealous of the bottom freezer fridge! and how neat your fridge is.

    Hear ya on taste-testing the goodies. I think I probably would have polished off all three! Well, a preggo mama's gotta get hungry at some point between bouts of pukiness!

    Thanks so much for playing, Penny. Always good to get to know more about my blogger friends! Can we come by for lamingtons?

  6. LOL about the film!!

    I can totally relate on the weaning. My son weaned himself at 19 months. He was still waking at night when he was one, but once we moved into our house and he had his own room, I let him cry and it only took one night!! Lucky for me, because I think I would have caved in had their been a second night. It is just sooo much easier to give them what they want....LOL!!

  7. Such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing your fridge pics!

  8. Yummo to lamingtons (a kiwi thing I think) and lemon curd. As for weaning...I remember the ambivalence of wanting to do it because of the convienience but also knowing once it was done...that's the end of a very precious stage. Hope it goes well and slowly :-)