Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yessir, that's my baby

She's 8 weeks in this picture... or was it 7? Not sure. Anyway, she's doing well. Plunket weighed her on Monday and she's 5.6kgs. She has started sucking her thumb which is very cute but not really what I wanted her to do since it is so hard to wean the habit. I'm persevering with the dummy but thumbs are so conveniently located when you're in your cot and Mummy's not around to monitor it...

Did this layout for the SBO Elsie Flanagan Challenge A Day in your Life. I'm amazed at how much I can fit into a day sometimes but I have to confess that it's not everyday I'm that busy. I'm inherently lazy.

Mel has tagged me to reveal something about the book I'm reading. Yep - I do have time to read these days... breastfeeding time = reading time ;)

1Find the nearest book...

Got it.

2 Name the book and the author

Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

3 Turn to page 123


4 Go to the 5th sentence on the page and copy out the next 3 sentences onto your blog

Speaking of 3 small fireballs circling the witches fire. You could slay enemies with them, she'd said. They made the others uneasy. It was wizard magic, showy and dangerous.

5. Tag 3 more people

Hmm, is there anyone left? I shall tag Heather, Rebecca and Tami.

Actually - I like this quote from the book. You can guess why! Hee hee!
The librarians were mysterious. It was said they could tell what book you needed just by looking at you, and they could take your voice away with a word.

I can tell you that you get pretty good at identifying some of your clients.

Nursing & other health profession students always travel in packs, business students are usually in a hurry and dressed smartly, automotive students sneak in furtively (heaven forbid someone should see they are in THE LIBRARY) .. mind you, their overalls tend to give them away.


  1. Fabulous layout, gorgeous baby, and a few laughs re your description of library visitors - wonder what a librarian would choose for me?

  2. She is gorgeous and so is the layout. And I LOVE Terry Pratchett :)

  3. very cute - love the ladybirds and the pink mushrooms - and very busy - fun to have that recorded - and interesting reading ... I've read Terry Pratchett and am impressed at the mysterious Librarians. Like Mel, I am wondering what the librarian would pick for me.

  4. She is just gorgious, just love seeing pics of her and that layout is great.

  5. She is adorable I wanted to pick her up and have cuddles with her.
    Love the layout. Sop what do student teachers look like lol

  6. oh she's looking gorgeous

  7. she's sooo cute!

  8. Trina9:30 am

    What a stunning pic and gorgeous baby. She is growing up fast huh?! Wow.

    I love your LO. I love how you have put so much into it. I love the colours. Can you tell I just love it? LOL.